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Jack-Up Accommodation Barge – New constructed

225 ft Self-Elevating & Self-Propelled unit

New constructed unit from China

Flag/Port of registration
Length o.a.
43,80 mtrs
Beam o.a.
39,00 mtrs
5,20 mtrs
225ft Self-Propelled Jack-Up Accommodation Barge – sale.

The barge is presently under construction in China and due for delivery in Dec 2014.

Brochure, GA plans, Progress report, Price, available here upon serious named interest.

Helideck: Bell 212 or 412

Main Particulars
Built: 2014, China

Class, notation: ABS,?A1, Self-Elevating Unit, ?AMS-NP

Length Overall: 66.90 m

Design Draft: 3.20 m

Clear Deck Area:? ≥ 500 m2

Maximum Variable Load: 800 Tons

Deck Load: 5 Tons/m2

Accommodation: 55 persons Machinery
Main Engines: 960 kw x 2

Bow Thruster: 450 kw, Thrust 65 kn

Generators: 350 kw x 3 (400 V, 50 hz)

Emergency Generator: 200 kw x 1 (400 V, 50 hz) Speed: ≥ 4.0 Knots

Main Crane: 50 tons @ 8 m / 20 tons @ 28 m

Auxiliary Crane: 3 tons @ 28 m

Tank Capacities
Ballast tank: 1950 m³

Fuel oil tank: 163 m³

Freshwater tank: 308 m³

Seawater reservoir tank: 110 m³

Jacking Particulars

Number of Legs, Configuration: 3, Column

Leg Length (including spud can): 67.056 m (220 ft)

Maximum Water Depth: 45 m

Lifting Capacity (each leg): 1000 tons

Jacking System: Hydraulic ram and pin type

Jacking Speed: 12 m/h (39.37 ft/h)

Environmental Criteria (Operation)

Max. Water Depth [m]: 45

Max. Wave Height [m]: 5

Wave Period [s]: 9.6

Wind [1-minute averaged][m/s]: 25

Surface current [m/s]: 1.4

Max. Air Gap [m]: 5

All details and information given in good faith but without guarantee.

For more information or specific details we ask you to contact our office.

Please register whit LOI on letter-head of the end user for request quotation.

Price : USD 28.750.000

inspection China.

Waiting for your reply we remain,


AWB – 2011

accommodation-small awb-crane-pmoc awb-inst-10-10


Please see. attached some photos of the work/accommodation barge JAYA INSTALLER 10
Built in 2011 by Jaya mainly for their own use (HULL construction in China as a “Work Barge”;
then Completion in Batam by Jaya Asiatic Shipyard).
111metres LOA
300 bunks. All cabins are with attached toilet/shower
300 tons Huisman crane
8 points mooring
The accommodation superstructure on deck level is setback to allow for future conversion
to be used as a Pipelaying Barge (space reserved for pipe tunnel/welding/tensioning etc). .

She may be available for USD12.5 million for prompt delivery.
Class Renewal completed April 2016. Next Special Survey is 2021

Pls advise any interest ?

This 300men/300ton crane AWB is still available for charter

This 300men/300ton crane AWB is still available for charter.


Korean built 300men/300 ton crane will be open for charter from October 2016
onwards upon completion of her current offshore job in Indonesia.

Please revert your chartering information in order for us to quote the DCR.

Brief Information/Specification:
Class Notation : ABS X A1 Accommodation and Work Barge
comply with MODU Code for latest version
Place/Year Built : South Korea / 2012
Flag : Indonesia

Length Overall : 100.00m (328.00 ft)
Breath Moulded : 30.50m (100.00 ft) (exclude anchor rake)
Depth Moulded : 7.62m (24.00 ft)
Draft Max : 5.50m (16.40 ft)
DWT : 10,500 ton (approx)

Clear Deck Space : 1330m2 (approx)
Deck Loading Cap. : 15t/m2
Helideck : capable for Sikorsky S92

Crane : Huisman PMC 6200-300, Pedestal Mounted Crane
Main Hook Cap. : 300mt @ 15m
Aux. Hook Cap. : 30mt @ all radii

Single Suite Room : 4x 1 man cabin = 4 men
Single Berth : 8x 1 man cabin = 8 men
Double Berth : 6x 2 men cabin = 12 men
Four Berth : 69x 4 men cabin = 276 men
Total Complement : 300 men

All cabins are fully air conditioned and completed with sewage treatment plant

Mooring Winch : 8x 85t Hydraulic – Single Drum with Auto Spooling Device
: 1500mL x 52mmØ (6x36mm IWRC), Drum Capacity
: 70/35t x 7/14 m/min, Speed Range
: 150t (static), Brake Holding
Mooring Anchor : 8x 7t Flipper Delta (+1 spare)
Mooring Rope : 8x 1500mL x 52mmØ (6x36mm IWRC), Galvanized Steel Anchor Wire
Anchor Buoy : 8 (+1 spare), each with Pendent Line 60mL
Tugger Winch : 4x 10t
Towing Gear : 2x 8mL x 60mmØ, Chafe Chain
with SMIT Brackets & Panama Chocks (Aft & Fwd)

Deck Crane : 1x 2t @ 12m, Electro-Hydraulic Driven
10m/min (approx), Hosting Speed
Portable Gangway : 1x 15-20mL x 0.9mW, Steel Construction with Multipurpose Coupling