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Jack-Up Accommodation Barge – New constructed

225 ft Self-Elevating & Self-Propelled unit

New constructed unit from China

Flag/Port of registration
Length o.a.
43,80 mtrs
Beam o.a.
39,00 mtrs
5,20 mtrs
225ft Self-Propelled Jack-Up Accommodation Barge – sale.

The barge is presently under construction in China and due for delivery in Dec 2014.

Brochure, GA plans, Progress report, Price, available here upon serious named interest.

Helideck: Bell 212 or 412

Main Particulars
Built: 2014, China

Class, notation: ABS,?A1, Self-Elevating Unit, ?AMS-NP

Length Overall: 66.90 m

Design Draft: 3.20 m

Clear Deck Area:? ≥ 500 m2

Maximum Variable Load: 800 Tons

Deck Load: 5 Tons/m2

Accommodation: 55 persons Machinery
Main Engines: 960 kw x 2

Bow Thruster: 450 kw, Thrust 65 kn

Generators: 350 kw x 3 (400 V, 50 hz)

Emergency Generator: 200 kw x 1 (400 V, 50 hz) Speed: ≥ 4.0 Knots

Main Crane: 50 tons @ 8 m / 20 tons @ 28 m

Auxiliary Crane: 3 tons @ 28 m

Tank Capacities
Ballast tank: 1950 m³

Fuel oil tank: 163 m³

Freshwater tank: 308 m³

Seawater reservoir tank: 110 m³

Jacking Particulars

Number of Legs, Configuration: 3, Column

Leg Length (including spud can): 67.056 m (220 ft)

Maximum Water Depth: 45 m

Lifting Capacity (each leg): 1000 tons

Jacking System: Hydraulic ram and pin type

Jacking Speed: 12 m/h (39.37 ft/h)

Environmental Criteria (Operation)

Max. Water Depth [m]: 45

Max. Wave Height [m]: 5

Wave Period [s]: 9.6

Wind [1-minute averaged][m/s]: 25

Surface current [m/s]: 1.4

Max. Air Gap [m]: 5

All details and information given in good faith but without guarantee.

For more information or specific details we ask you to contact our office.

Please register whit LOI on letter-head of the end user for request quotation.

Price : USD 28.750.000

inspection China.

Waiting for your reply we remain,