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Floating Crane Transhipper Unit – 2011

For sale Floating Crane Transhipper Unit (FCTU) ‘Miramar’


+ Blt 2011 PTM (Indonesia) but see attached makers list.
+ Design Capacity of 25,000 tpd
+ Able to Load and Unload Capesize
+ Self-Propelled
+ No hydraulics on board for ease of maintenance
+ DC Power 100% self-redundant
+ Accommodation for 32 persons
+ Ability to handle high moisture content cargo

Principal Particulars

+ Length overall abt. 56.40 m
+ Breadth moulded abt. 24.00 m
+ Depth to main deck abt. 4.73 m
+ Draught, abt. 2.75 m
+ Safe Working Load 32 MT

Deck equipment:
– 2 combined windlasses / mooring winches (electrical) fitted on main deck bow side.
– 1 capstan (electrical) fitted on main deck fwd between windlasses.
– 4 mooring winches (electrical) fitted on main deck stern side.

Crane machinery system:
Electric DC motors controlled by DC drives

Electrical Propulsion Type:
2 X 538 kw @ 1850 rpm azimuth-type SCHOTTEL thrusters, FPP type fitted on pontoon stern

Propulsion speed: > 7 knots with 2 thrusters

Generating Plant: 2 x 1,600 kw CAT main generator sets + 1 X 60 kw, 440V CAT emergency generator

Fuel Consumption: abt, 3,5 mtpd MGO in operation

(All details in good faith but without guarantee as to accuracy or completeness)

Fuller details and pictures attached as well as makers list against buyers details

Inspectable Dakar/Senegal

Best offers are invited


Floating Crane Barge 3600t / 3850t – 2011

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Fully revolving floating crane 3600t for Sale or Charter:

Floating Crane Barge 3600t / 3850t

Year of building: 2011

Dimensions: 148.4m x 44.6m x 12m

Lifting Equipment 1:

Heavy Marine Crane: 3600t (Stern Fixed),

Max testing lifting:3850ton,

2800t (360°full revolving type)

Max fixed lifting capacity: 3850ton (test passed)

Certified by CCS CLASS (IACS)

Lifting Equipment 2:

Deck Crane: 1 x 45ton

Max lifting capacity: 45ton (test passed)

Main Hook: 45ton

Aux. Hook: 10ton

Living Quarters:

Accommodation Capacity: 360 persons

Gross Tonnage: 27,239t


Main Generator: 3*900kw/400v

Emergency Generator: 1*400kw/400v

Mooring System:

Mooring winch: 8*92kw

Rope diameter/length: 92mm/1500m

Anchors: 8units * 15,000kgs


Full-load displacement: 43792.66 t

Light displacement: 28152.42 t

Please find specifications photos of the crane.

Inspection – Delivery: by arrangement.

Owners are inviting best offers–As brokers try as low as USD 50 MILL

More details available for named buyers / serious interest.

We can provide delivery service to your destination all over the world.


Crane Barge – 2011

Crane Barge

53.8 x 19.6 x 2.3m
Type of vessel: floating crane Date of emplacing keel Dec, 18 2010Date of construction Sept 29 2011Class: China ZCLOA 53.80 m Length 51.91 m Length of waterline 49.77 mBreadth 19.60 m Depth 3.86 m Light draught 2.068 mFull-load draught 2.300 m Full-load displacement 1803.000tLight displacement 1723.400 tM.E: 2 x Z6170ZLC-3, each 330.00 kw, 1200 rpm, Zibo diesel engine company
ZC Class

1,650,000 usd