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Self propelled Jack-up Liftboat 160 pax – for Charter

Self propelled Jack-up Liftboat for Charter !

Accommodation: 160 pax (can be extended to 200 pax by adding modularized accommodation blocks)

Daily Bareboat Charter rate is just about usd 17,500-18,500/day

Status: the Liftboat will be ready for delivery 3 to 5 months from the award of the Charter Agreement, LOA or LOI signed and Advance Payment.

2) The following is the brief particulars of the Liftboat:

– The Liftboat is a triangular shaped, three (3) legged, self propelled and self elevating lift boat designed to the requirements of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

– 320-foot (97.5 meters) long legs of cylindrical type and is capable of working in water depths of 20 feet (6 meters) to 65 m

– The Levingston 320 EX has approximately 12,916 sq. ft. (1,200 sq. meters) available deck space along with 405 MT of net deck load capacity and 400 MT of consumables for an endurance of 14 days for a total variable load capacity of 905 MT

– The Vessel is propelled with three (03) 1100 KW Schottel azimuth thrusters at the aft and one Schottel 570KW bow tunnel thruster for offshore maneuvering.

– Accommodation is arranged for 160 persons total including 2 VIP cabins and crew accommodations. Two (2) 80 men lifeboats are arranged each side of the MOU according to the GA.

– 2 leg encircling cranes 272 MT capacity each with a 42.7 meters (140 foot) boom encircling the starboard and port leg which allows for more usable deck space accessible by the main crane.

3) Further and for your reference, please find attached the following set of documents – against charterer details

– Levingston 320EX Technical Specifications

– GA drawings

– Equipments Maker List