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Pontoon for conversion into Floating dock – 1986

Shortage of floating docks!

It is known that there is an impressive shortage of secondhand floating docks for sale.

An idea could be to purchase a ballastable ponton with own piping systems and pumpsystems and to use this as the tanktop and built sidewalls on the excisting pontoon.

This saves substantial time, as only the sidewalls are to be built and the electric systems intalled. The total costs of same, including the purchase price of the pontoon would substantially cheaper than to have a floating dock built.

We have for sale a ballastable pontoon with following outline details

21.750 tdw , can load 20.000 tons on deck
dims 122 x 37 mtrs – depth 7.60 m – draft when fully loaded 5.7 m
Deck area 4.465 m2 – 15 tons/m2 – deck length can be increased by steel platforms
Ballast cap 28.939 cbm – pumps 2000 cbm/hr

Another benefit in having a dock constructed by above suggestion is that the towage of a pontoon is easier and cheaper and much more safe then the towage of a full and completed dock.

By having the pontoon towed to the destination and have the conversion done on the location it will also be very favourable for any buyer.

Price for the ponton USD 750.000 with prompt delivery as is where is Holland