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MPP Offshore vessel – 1988/conversions in 2009


Exclusively in our hands for sale

built 1988, conversions in 2009
dims 53.7 x 10.5 m – draft 4.4 m
B.V. unrestricted ICE CLASS 1 B, SS passed 10/2016/ due 10/2021
gt/nt 738/221 – tdw 408 ts

cabins for 33 persons
aftdeck – crane 3 ts and optional a frame 17.5 ts

1 x SKL 8NVD – 970 kW
Stern thruster and bow thruster each 150 kW
10 kn on abt 5.5 cbm – 8 kn on 4.2 cbm

fuel cap 140 cbm – endurance 2000 nm
fw 37.6 cbm and water maker 12 cbm/day

Full navaids

Inspection, dely Egypt Med Sea in about 1 month time
Vessel may not be used for survey works in competition with present Owners

USD 450.000 ex A frame


AHTS – brand new


AHTS for sale, subj unsold

This brand new AHTS (80t BP/65m) on sale.
Kindly please see the attached!

Chinese Shipyard is in need of cash urgently and hope to close this deal asap

Details against buyers particulars

Sea Trial: Completed
Delivery : Prompt
Price Usd 8.3m as is


Supply vessel – China/new building

BARGAIN/80 ton Supply Vessel for sale in China

1.) It is with two famouse Chinese main engines (WeiChai or Zibo), total 500hps, with service speed about 13knots.

2.) With two generator sets, total 60kw.

3.) Dimensions 27m x 8m x 2.6m, Draft 1.25m, deadweight is about 80Tons instead of 35-40tons.

4.) 3 cabins for 6 crews, one Galley, one provision room, and one Mess room with TV. One common toilet.

5.) One centralized marine sea-water cooling Air conditioner for all the accomodatoin and wheelhouse.

6.) Two liferafts and 4 lifebuoys, etc.

7.) All navigation & radio communication to comply with GMDSS A1.

7.) It will be with IBS class or other Southeast Asian Class society.

8.) Delivery time can be about 6 months.

9.) Please see GA drawing

Best price:
USD330,000 Ex-Yard with IBS or other Southeat Asian class, or
USD350,000 Ex-Yard with IACS (RINA/BV) class



25 m offshore vessel with A-Frame, moonpool, small crane (500kg) etc – Reduced Price – 1992 USA

25 m offshore vessel

fitted with A-Frame, moonpool, 500 kg crane, hold, deck space and possibility to increase fuel capacity

Built 1992, Lousiana, USA
Classed Y D S A – Certificate for Yacht in Commercial Use issued by UK
60 miles from safe haven – last drydock and annual survey 2016
Dims 24.80 x 7.3 x 2.9 m – loaded draft 2.5 m aft and 1.6 m forward
Gt 113 tons

12 people total, included 4 crew
5 cabins, 1 x 4 and 4 x 2 beds. messroom, galley

Fuel 24.000 ltrs (Endurance 2000 NM *)
Freshwater 22.000ltrs
Ballast 30.000ltrs (* tanks coated and very clean, could be transferred to fuel tanks)
Former fishhold about 62 m3 – 2 freezers, only refrigerator, washing machine and dryer

Deck space around 50 sqm.
A frame 2 tons – two winches
Moonpool fitted
crane 500 kg

Full navaids

2 x DETROIT 8V-71NA main engines 280 hp each – about 6.000 running hours each
Twinscrew – Twin rudders
Aux 1 x Cummins 23kVA 1845 running hours – 1 x John Deere 50 kVA – both built 2014

Sewage treatment plant USCG fitted (2012)

Vessel said to be in tip/top condition

Ideas USD 225.000 try US$ 195.000 to test sellers

Inspection/delivery Holland



65 m AHTS Oil Recovery Vessel with 4 point mooring system – 1975


1975 built 65 m AHTS Oil Recovery Vessel with 4 point mooring system


As brokers can say , owners always keep their vessels in TIP TOP CONDITION and VERY WELL-MAINTAINED even the age.


Location : Black Sea

AR-A4071 / 1975 built 65 m AHTS Oil Recovery Vessel with 4 point mooring system –direct from the owners for sale

1975, Norway

RINA (valid till 4/2017)

Tug ; supply vessel ; oil recovery ship; unrestricted navigation

64.5 x 13.8 x 6.9 x 5.1 (max draft) m

1313 / 393

2 x Nohan Polar F216 V825

Total Power
5178 kW ( app 6950 hp) – CPP Purpolsion

Bow Thruster
1 x diesel driven , CPP, 410 kW

Bollard Pull
54 t


Towing Winch

AH Winch

4 point anchor mooring position system

Total 22 person

· Enclosed recent photo , holding other details in hand

· Asking Price : Best offers invited , as brokers may guide

· Delivery : Black Sea

· Payment and other terms according to NSF 2012

10% Depsit upon signing MOA

90% upon delivery


· She is very efficient for sea depths up to 60-70 m so the vsl is suitable for shallow waters operations

· ROV and Diving equipment is not presently onboard. The vessel is sold w/o it.

· Oil Recovery equipments are belongs to current charterers. Vessel is sold w/o it but as brokers can suggest that such equipments cost about euro 20.000 from Desmi / Denmark

· 2 Deck cranes are also belongs to charterers to be removed upon delivery.


Offshore Supply Vessel – 1982/rebuilt Germany 2010



This vessel was designed , converted for windfarming in German bight:

This is a very special ship with a special lay out and crane.

She was especially designed for Wind farm works.

‘Natalie’ DP1

Offshore Supply Vessel
2,920 dwat on 6.09 m
built Singapore Slipway 03/1982
rebuilt Germany 2010

dims: 67.20 x 16.80 m
class DNVGL +1A1 Supply Vessel E0 DYNPOS-AUT
Hull: Special Survey 03-2014 with dry docking Machinery:
SpecialSurvey04-2014continuoussurvey Annual: Intermediate Survey plus Annuals 04-2014
Flag Bahamas
1,948 gt
560 sqm deckspace / 1,540 ts
Crane 23ts / 20m
Max 12 passengers,
M/E: 4 x Wartsila – 6,780hp ttl
Diesel electric propulsion
2 Schottel propeller
10,5 kn laden

During rebuilding 2010, works were done in the superstructure, she was equipped with DP1, the crane was installed, a new provision crane was installed, an antiheeling system was installed, all 4 main engines were overhauled.
In autumn 2011, besides normal maintenance works and overhaul of equipment (gens, Schottel etc.) several nautical installations were replaced (radars, autopilot, echosounder) and the complete deck was renewed with SPS and in addition wood.
2014 a refit when with 4-point mooring, 10 containers (7 living, 1 office, 1 garbage chilled with press, 1 paint and storage), heavy frame for ROV equipment and new Sewage Plant was added.

Vsl in immaculate 10 yr old like condition. Must be seen.

(all dets abt n wog)

Please advise if of interest.

Owners serious sellers. Inspections can be arranged in Cuxhaven, Elbe port area.

Re price, DUE RECENT REDUCTION ideas are now EUR 2,45 MILL


Supply vessel – 1997 Norway


DNV, +1A1, ICE-C, Supply Vessel, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR, DK(+), HL(2.5)

L/B: 84 x 18,7
Built: Norway, Brattvåg Skipsverft, 1997
Deck: 906 m2
DWT: 4200 t
Engines: 9570 BHP
2 x 1200 BHP Bow Thrusters
2 x 1000 BHP Stern Thrusters

The vessel is currently trading the North Sea spot market and could be available upon short notice.

For further details please contact the undersigned.


Supply vessel Anticosti in eastern Canada – 1973 Canada

anticosti-on-dry-dock-john anticosti-photo-1-march-2014john anticosti-photo-2-march-2014-john

See attached information on the Supply vessel “Anticosti” located here in eastern Canada.

We are in direct contact with the owner!

She can carry about 300,000 gallons (US)

if ballast tanks were used.

The “Anticosti” is out of class, but if you can get the right class

and the right class inspector, it should be easy to get a 6 month

extension on class or a new class allowing new owners 6 months

to operate before dry-docking. The vessel has 4 main engines

(2 on each shaft). Three of the main engines are in A-1 operating

condition and one of the main engines needs rebuilding (incl. new

crank shaft) but Class said that she can operate as is. In fact she

could operate on one engine only if necessary. I have a firm price

from a first class marine diesel engine repair and rebuilding company,

to rebuild that main engine for CDN$140,000 (abt. US$100,000),

Owners say they will now accept US$ 320,000, with all machinery
up and running (except 4th main engine) if the sale-purchase could
take place quickly and cleanly. Personally I think owners would
give serious consideration to an offer of US$290,000.
Vessel is in quite good condition.



Name:         “Anticosti”

Official No: 823770

Port of Registry: St. John’s, NL., Canada

Type: Steel Supply/Cargo/Standby Vessel.

When & Where Built: 1973 by Allied Shipbuilders Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Class: Lloyd’s + 100A1 + LMC   

Class Status: All trading certificated valid until November 2016. Annual Endorsement Due.

When Last Dry-docked: March, 2011, in St. John’s, NL, Canada

When next dry docking due: November 2014


Dimensions: LOA  191 ft. / LBP 182 ft.  x   Beam 42 ft.  x Draft Fully Loaded 16.7 ft.

Tonnage: Gross 1,156.00 tonnes ; Net Registered Tonnage 346.00 tonnes ; Deadweight: 1,195.00 tonnes.

Clear Deck Length:  2,890 sq. ft.

Work Space: 2,708 sq. ft.

Speed (max): 11.5 knots

Most Economical Speed: 10 knots

Normal Cruise Speed: 10 knots

Range: 15,000 n. miles @ 11 knots

Number of Screws: 2 x Lips H.M.F. Controllable pitch propellers in steering Kort Nozzles.

Screws turning at a constant speed of 170 rpm.

Fuel Oil Capacity: 837 metric tonnes

Fuel Oil Consumption (litres per hour):  At Maximum Speed ………..… 500 litres per hour

At Normal Cruising Speed …… 416 litres per hour

Standing-by at Location ………. 150 litres per hour

Transferring Cargo ……………. 300 litres per hour

Alongside in Port ………………   25 litres per hour


Main Engines: 4 x Nohab Polar SF16RS-F diesel engines, 1,150 bhp each.

Steering Gear:  Hydraulic steering system, twin rudders, foil type Pumps: Vickers vane pump 45V42;

Vickers jog steering Pp. V10S-1 PIP

Propulsion Control: Pneumatic Prime Mover Control Inc.

Bow Thruster: 1 x Gill Jet 40, 575 hp – Azimuth type.

Auxiliary Engines: – Bow Thruster/Generator – 1 x Nohab Polar; rated @ 285.5 KVA @ 750 rpm

– Caterpillar Diesel Generator; rated at 287.5 KVA @ 1,500 rpm

– Outboard Starboard Main Engine; Shaft Driven Alternator: rated at 287.5 KVA @ 750 rpm

– Outboard Port Main Engine; Shaft Driven Alternator: rated at 288 KVA @ 750 rpm

Gearboxes: 2 x Modern Wheel Drive, model 2R1.83; Reduction Ratio:

2 x Gear Driven L/O Pumps

2 x Stand-by L/O  Pumps; Hamworthy Type SVA 120L3

Electrical Power: 380 volts, 50 Hz, 3 Phase

220 volts, 50 Hz, 2 Phase

220 volts, 50 Hz, 1 Phase (domestic)

24 volt DC

–          Separate units:  GMDSS – Monkey Island

Navigational Aids – Stb’d Side Boat

Emergency Lights – Stb’d Side Boat

E/R Control & Alarms – Stb’d Side Boat

Ship Internal Telephone System

110 volts, 50 Hz, 1 Phase (domestic)

MG Set, 60 Hz, 80 kw, 3 Phase

MG Set, 60 Hz, 20 kw, 3 Phase


Fire Pump:     Hamworthy C 3 x 3 hp, 40 cbm/hr. @ 36.6 m height

Bilge Pump:   Hamworthy C 3 x 3 hp, 40 cbm/hr. @ 36.6 m height

Ballast Pump: Hamworthy B 5 x 4 hp, 373 imp gals/min, 100 cbm/hr @ 90 m height

Fresh Water Cargo Pump:  Hamworthy B 5 x 4 hp, 373 imp gals/min, 100 cbm/hr @ 90 m height

Main Salt Water Circ. Pump: Hamworthy B 200 vic 1,  200 imp gals/min @ 18 ft.

Salt Water Circ. Pump # 1 & # 2: Hamworthy/dolphin b 5 x 4, rate

Orca 11 A S/W Pump: Goulds water gun HB 710 rate

F/W Domestic Pump #1 & # 2: Goulds water gun HB 710 rate

Hot Water Recirc. Pump: Price Pump Cie

Hot Water Tanks: 2 x Crane 100 imp gals, Relief 150 psi

F/W Chlorination System: Portacell Ltd.

Fuel Transfer Pump: Hamworthy 2 D95/45 HOS, 108 imp gals/min

Fuel Hoses: Supplied by Charterer.

Fuel Cargo Pump: Hamworthy 2 D150/68, 100 cbm/hr @ 30 m.

HP Air Compressors: Hamworthy.

Emergency HP Air Compressor: Eng: Lister Petter #390016-LV2A901; Hand start 2 cylinder diesel by GEC;

Compressor: Quincy Compressor Div., Model # 325103

Lube Oil Purifier: Alfa Laval Type MAB-104B-24

Fuel Oil Purifier: Alfa Laval Type MAB-103

Oily Water Separator: Fellow Kogyo, Hermand Fortin Supplier

Fridge: 2 x Tecumesh Model E3-001 Compressors; Cold Room – Model IF-1; Cool Room – Model LLV-2

Air Conditioning Units: Norris Warming – 22 ton comp. by Carlyle Compressor Co., Model #5F60-607

Heating Main: Playford – 42 kW heater + individual zone boost heaters.

Type of Propellers: 2 x Kort Nozzles – Variable Pitch.

Fresh Water Capacity/Production: 225 m/t

Trash Compactor:

Hydraulic Deck Crane: 1 x SWL 750 lbs.

Tugger Winches: 2 x 10 tonnes each.

Fixed Towing Point: To enable tow to seismic vessel.

Yokohama Fenders: Supplied by Charterer

Fender Deployment/Recovery: By Charterer or Sub Contractor.


Number of Cabins: 13

Number of bunks: 28

Number of Common Toilets: 4

Number of cabins with toilets: 2


Radar: 1 x Furuno Radar – #1 – FAR 2825

Radar: 1 x Furuno Small Radar – #2 – 1932 MARK-2.

GPS:   1 x Furuno – GP31

GPS:   1 x Furuno Digital DPS – DP36

Computer: 1 x Samtron

Printer: 1 x Hewlett Packer Desk Jet 648C Printer

Auto Pilot: 1 x Sperry Gyro Pilot – 200 MARK

Echo Sounder: 1 x Hondex – HE-725

NavTex:  1 x Furuno – NX-500

Gyro Compass: 1 x Sperry Mark 37 MOD O

Gyro Repeater: Sperry Mark 37

Horn Sequencer:     Yes

Battery Chargers:    Yes

Gyro Compass Power Adaptor:  Yes

Gyro Compass Static Inverter:    Yes

Engine Room Alarm Box:           Yes

Barometer:                                   Yes

Auto Pilot Control Box:               Yes

Gyro Compass Control Box:       Yes


–          Furuno SSB Radiotelephone:          1 x FS-4001

–          Furuno DSC/Watch Receiver:         1 x SDC-60

–          Furuno SSB Transceiver:                 1 x FM-8500

–          Furuno VHF/DSC Radiotelephone: 1 x FM-8500

–          Sailor VHF Radiotelephone:            1 x RT144AC

–          ICOM Hand Held VHF:                   2 x IC-M2A

–          ICOM Hand Held VHF:                   1 x IC-M3A

–          Kenwood Hand held VHF/FM:         2 x TK-270

–          Navido GMDSS Safety Radios:        3 x AXIS 30

–          ICOM VHF DSC Marine Radios:     2 x IC-M402

Details of Radio Facilities

–          VHF Radio Installation –            Yes

–          DSC Encoder –                            Yes

–          DSC Watch Receiver –                Yes

–          Radiotelephony –                         Yes

–          MF Radio Installation –               Yes

–          MF/HF Radio Installation:          Yes

–          Direct Printing Telegraphy:         Yes

–          INMARSATA Ship-Earth Station:   Yes

–          Secondary means of alerting:       Yes

–          NavTex Receiver:                         Yes

–          EGC Receiver:                              Yes

–          HF Direct Printing Receiver:        Yes

–          Satellite EPIRB:                           Yes

–          COPAS-SARSAT:                       Yes

–          VHF-EPIRB:                                 Yes

–          Ship Radar Transponder SART:   Yes


–          Immersion Suits:      31 x Fitzwright

–          Life Jackets:             68 x Mustang

–          Work Vests:               6 x Buoy-O-Boy

–          Life Rafts:                  4 x Viking – 25 man/raft

–          Life Rings: With 30 m Lifeline – 1 ;  With Lights – 3 ; Life Rings – 2 ; Orange Smoke – 2 x MOB

–          SART:       2  x 80-D165

–          EPIB: 1 x RLB-32 Cat Class 1 ; Sat Find 406 11.

–          MOB Rescue Boat: 1 x 6 man – Max. Davit Load 1,300 kb.

–          Pyrotechnics: Parachute Distress Rockets – 12 x Comet Art; Floating Orange

Smoke – 2 x Comet Art; Hand Held Flares (red) – 6 x Comet.

–          Line Throwing Apparatus:  4 x Comet Art

–          Life Saving Plans (Posted): 1


–          Fire Extinguishers:  24 – last Inspected March 2003.

–          Fire Axes: 3

–          Fireman’s Suits (Complete): 2

–          Breathing Apparatus (Complete): 2 x MSA

–          Fire Hydrants: 7; Hoses: 7; Nozzles: 7; Wrenches: 7.

–          Fire Fighting Plans (Posted): 2

–          Fire Fighting Plan (Emergency Tube): 1


–          First Aid Stations: 1

–          First Aid Kits: 3

–          Eye Wash Stations: 6

–          Trauma Kit: 1

–          Stretcher c/w Backboard: 1

–          Lifting Harness: 1

–          Extraction Collar: 1

–          Arm Splints: 2

–          Leg Splints: 2

·         First Aid Treatment Room  (equipped with bed, oxygen hook-up, sink/water supply and 24/7 medical contact phone line), met Exxon-Mobil 2010 requirements.


–          MSDS Station:                     Yes

–          Lock Out/Tag Out System:  Yes

–          Oil Spill Response Kits:       Yes

–          Ear Protection:                      Yes

–          Safety Cargo Straps:            Yes

–          Safety Belts:                         Yes

–          Safety Goggles:                    Yes

–          Welding Gloves:                   Yes

–          Welding Goggles:                 Yes

–          Fireball Gloves:                    Yes

–          Had Hats:                              Yes

–          MOB Hook:                          Yes




34m Utility / Supply Vesse – 2014 Turkey

34m Utility / Supply Vessel for sale



All equipments supplied by Turkish or European makers only

2014, Istanbul

Bureau Veritas I + HULL + MACH Supply vessel; FP>60C – oil product

Fire fighting ship – E , Unresticted navigation

34m x 9.80m x 3.23m desing draft

Main Engines
2 x CAT C32 ACERT – 1300 bhp each ( ttl 2600 bhp )

2 x CAT 250 kVA + Harbour 80 kVA

100 kW electric driven

1400 m3/h (driven by main engine) – 2 x monitors- remote operated

13 knots max


Free deck
125 m2

Deck load
100 ton – strenght 2 ton /m2

145 ton ( flowmetter )

40 ton

Vessel has PMS tank management system included flowmeters

total 20 men


1 x hydraulic telescobic offshore deck Crane – 8m outreach – swl 3.5 ton

: 1 x hydraulic double drum winch – 10 tons each.

Stern Roller
3 m x 1.5m diameter

20 tons at 2.5m outreach

2 x 2 tons


Enclosed few photos

Built in Istanbul , in High Spec with all Turkish and European makers only , together with Cat Machinery


· Price and further details can be provided only against NAMED firm interest

· Delivery : Prompt in West Africa upon arrangement

· Enclosed one of the recent photo

· Payment and other terms according to NSF 2012

-10% Deposit upon signing MOA

-90% upon delivery

Looking forward to receiving your firm enquiries