121′ Model Bow Ocean Harbor Tug – HP 4100

Model Bow Ocean Harbor Tug – HP 4100

ID: 5768

REF:p1hd Year:1971 Flag:US: Location:U.S. Gulf Coast Price:Price on Request
Length:124′ Beam:34′ Draft:18′ BHP:4100 BP:63 Class:ABS

121′ Model Bow Ocean Harbor Tug – HP 4100 For Sale.

Year Built: 1971
Halter Marine, New Orleans, LA, USA
Dimensions: 121′ X 34′ X 18.8′
Height of Eye: 49 Feet

Main Propulsion:
Two (2) Alco-12-251-C 2050HP ea.
Reduction Gears:
Lufkin RSQ3620 5.6:1 Ratio
Propellors: Two (2) 4-Blade 132″x 95″
Speed: 13 Knots
Fuel Capacity: 110,400 Gallons
Water Capacity: 6,100 Gallons
Lube Oil Capacity: 2,700 Gallons

Gyro compass w/Auto Pilot
3 Radars
Single Side Band w/encoder
8 VHFs
2 GPSs
2 Loud hailers
2 Cellular phones
1 Satellite phone w/fax
1 Fathometer
Email capabilities & Data reports
Weather Fax
2 Magnetic Compasses
2 Navigation computers w/ Nobeltech
Admiral & Maptech Chart Navigator software Nobeltech daily worldwide weather forecast graphics
2 ship’s business computers

Elevated Control Tower:
Height of Eye-49 feet
Towing Winch:
Skagit DTW50 w/2500’x2″ tow wire ea. drum. 250,000 lbs. line pull.
Bollard Pull:
126,000 lbs.
Gross Tons: 196 Tons
Net Tons: 133 Tons

Area of Operations:
ABS Classed Hull & Machinery, A-1 Towing All Ocean

Improvements and upgrades:
1) 3rd Q 2003 Purchase boat and add aluminum elevated control tower – $300k
2) 3rd Q 2003 Rebuilt entire stern ballast and steering compartment – $500k
3) 2004 Complete rebuild top to bottom port and starboard main engines – $500k for Stbd engine (included new block), $125k for Port engine
4) 2004 Complete rebuild top to bottom starboard reduction gear – $150k
5) 2008 Built and installed a new bilge manifold system with new valves. Replaced most of the piping to the engine room, ballast tanks and voids – $100k
6) 2008 Replaced all steering pipe from the hydraulic pump in the engine room to the steering rams with stainless steel pipe – $25k 7) 2009 Complete rebuild top to bottom port reduction gear – $500k included new bull gear and output shaft
8) 2009 Laser aligned strut bearing, hull bearing and output flange on both port and starboard. Both strut housings were bored. Also aligned main engines and reduction gears to hull bearing. No vibrations – $500k
9) 2010 Bought and installed new main engine heat exchangers – $52k
10) 2012 Replaced all bad steel stem to stern below the main deck includes bulkheads, frames, hatches and piping; also replace 02 deck over the tow winch, all of the steps, handrails, flashing and visors. Rebuilt stern roller system – $600k
11) 2012 Rebuilt the tow winch foundation, frame and drums like new – $300k
12) 2012 Bought and installed new MSD system – $20k
13) 2012 Bought and installed new lower air compressor – $16k
14) 2014 AC Unit replaced – $20k
15) 2015 Starboard tier 1 generator rebuilt – $60k purchase new, $20k for rebuild.
16) 2015 Replaced mushroom blower housings on the 02 deck with new stainless steel housing – $9k
17) 2015 New radar installed in lower wheelhouse – $15k
18) 2016 Port tier 2 generator last rebuilt – $60k for original purchase, $25k to rebuild.
19) 2016 Bought and installed new engine for the tow winch and new bull gear, shaft, sprocket and chain – $80k
20) 2016 Rebuilt like new main engine oil coolers and replaced all salt water piping from main engine to overboard – $35k
21) 2016 Replaced clutch and drum for the starboard engine – $20k
22) 2016 Rebuild the entire air control system from the clutch to all control stations. Replaced many control heads and shuttle valves with new – $30k
23) 2016 Replaced the old bulwarks with new going around the entire boat – $250k
24) 2016 Replaced upper air compressor – $18k 25) 2016 Ballast and fuel tank hatches replaced on main deck (aft) – $12k
26) 2016 Port & stbd steering pumps removed and rebuilt, new servo-valves and fittings installed – $12k
27) 2017 All H5 valves rebuilt and ER throttle controls rebuilt – $7k
28) Main engine routine maintenance: cylinder head, valves and injectors are set and timed every 1500 hours.
29) Compression test cylinders once per year and check rod bearings, main bearings and liners for wear and replace as needed.
30) Take monthly oil samples and analyze for potential problem

ABS Survey History:
Classification Annual Hull Survey 3 Completed 31 Jan 2017
Annual Machinery Survey 3 Completed 31 Jan 2017 Drydocking Survey – UWILD Completed 31 Jan 2017 Annual Hull Survey 2 Completed 26 Feb 2016 Annual Machinery Survey 2 Completed 26 Feb 2016 Intermediate Hull Survey 10 Completed 26 Feb 2016
Annual Hull Survey 1 Completed 30 Oct 2014 Annual Machinery Survey 1 Completed 30 Oct 2014 Statutory Annual Load Line Survey 3 Completed 31 Jan 2017
Annual Load Line Survey 2 Completed 26 Feb 2016 Annual Load Line Survey 1 Completed 30 Oct 2014

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