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Twin Screw Sea Going Tug, 50 ts bp – 1976

Twin Screw Sea Going Tug

M/Tug Montalvo (Portuguese Flag)


BLT 2/1976, Sing Koon Seng PTE Ltd, Singapore

Class BV: I X Hull X Mach, Tug – Unrestricted Navigation SS due April 2021

GT/NT 469/141

Dims 38,50 x 10,00 x 4,70 m LxBxH

M/E 2 x Mitsubishi SBU-C2MPTK-F3B x 2030 bhp each, ttl 4060 BHP, Newly fitted in 2003

Propulsion Twin Screw FPP in Kort nozzles

Aux. Eng.: 2 × GM 8V 71N + 1 × GM 4L 71N

50 ts bollard pull

Tk capacity:  320 m3 GO, 82 m3 FW, 6 m3 LO

FIFI 800 m3/hr

Max free running speed 11 kts

Accommodation for 10 crew

Single drum towing winch, towing hook, capstan, stern roller and guide pins


–   Owners’ ideas: EURO 700.000 ‘As is where is’.

–   Inspection / Delivery: Setúbal (Portugal)

–   Vessel has excellent towage record

–   Full details, pics, LQL etc. on request.

Pleased to hear your interest.