4 sister – Anchor Handling Tug Supply

we can develop the following 4 sister vessels Anchor Handling Tug Supply for sale

AA) 1 unit


Vessel Type: 78M 12,200BHP Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel

Built: 2018, in China

Flag: Malaysia

Classification: ABS, *A1, Offshore Support Vessel (Supply-HNLS, AH, TOW, FFV1, OSR-C1), SPS, Circle E, *AMS, *DPS-2, UWILD, GP

LOA/LBP/B/D: 78.20/69.00/18.50/8.00M

DWT: about 3,000t

Draft designed: 6.00M

Draft scantling: 6.80M

Complement: 60men/27 cabins

DW/WB tank: 1600 m3

Portable water: 405 m3

FO tank: 1050 m3

Liquid mud/brine/FO cargo/ORO: 680 m3

ORO(F.P≥60°): 230 m3

ORO(unlimited F.P): 450 m3

Methanol/LFL/Base oil: 150 m3

Deck cargo: 800t at 1m VCG

Deck area: 600 m2

Endurance: min. 35 days

Bollard pull: 167.2t

Speed: 15.315 knots

Engines: 2 x 4,500 KW, 750 rpm(WARTSILA)

Gensets: 2 x 730 KW, 450/3/60(CATERPILLAR)

Shaft alternators: 2 x 2000KW, 450/3/60(WARTSILA)

Propellers: 2 x 4-bladed, Ni-Al bronze of 3,900mm dia.CPP(WARTSILA)

Bow thruster: 2 x 13t approx, (WARTSILA)

Stern thruster: 2 x 11t approx, (WARTSILA)

Emergency generator set: 1 x 125kw, 450/3/60, 3 wires (SHENGFENG)


BB) 3 units


Vessel Type: 78M 12,000 HP Anchor Handing Tug/Supply/Oil Recovery Vessel (Focal 521 LT)

Built: New built in China (Haven’t been registered.)

Flag: Singapore

Classification: ABS, *A1 €, Offshore Support Vessel (AH, Tow, Supply-HNLS), FFV 1, OSR-C1, *AMS, *ACCU, *DPS-2, UWILD

LOA/LBP/B/D: 78.00/69.30/18.00/8.00M

DWT: about 3,000t

Draft designed: 5.20M

Draft scantling: 6.80M

Complement: 50men/23 cabins

DW/WB tank: 1200m³

Potable water: 600 m3

FO tank: 1200 m3

Dry bulk cargo tanks: 250 m3

Rec.oil/mud/brine: 800 m3(SG2.5)

Deck cargo capacity: 1,000t, VCG about 0.8m above deck (to be confirmed)

Deck cargo space: 520 m2

Cargo deck design load: 7.5t/m2

Bollard pull: 162t

Speed: 14.7 knots

Engines: 2 x 6,120BHP medium speed

Gensets: 3 x 550kw diesel driven generators

2 x 1920kw shaft driven alternators

Tunnel thruster: bow 2 x 12t, stern 2 x 10t, controllable pitch type

Steering gear: 2 x electro-hydraulic independent type of 2 x 130knm torque

capacity at 2 x 45deg. rudder angle

Emergency generator 1 x approx 99kw (440v/3/60hz)


=All details are given in good faith without guarantee=