44.27m Self Propeller Oil Barge – 2016

for sale, 44.27m Self Propeller Oil Barge

Cargo tanks capacity 400 KL

Year built 2016, Indonesia

Double bottom Double Hull


For the newbuilding vessel will takes more than two months to get class RINA / IACS but we can try less than that.

Class RINA is more easier and more cheaper than other IACS’ class ie BV, GL, ABS etc

I dont know exactly how much cost to spend for the newbuilding Landing craft to get RINA but it shall be around USD 25K

Class conversion to IACS/ RINA is much easier for used vessels and fast rather than newbuilt vessel, since all  ships documents, drawings etc  for newbuilt vessel need to go to their Head office for approval and it takes a lot of time to return

Main engines 2 x 405 hp Total 810 HP

USD 1.15 Million

Prompt delivery Balikpapan

Pleased to hear,