5 units of AHTS/OSV are available for T/C

5 units of AHTS/OSV are available for T/C

the present owner is SOE in China, and all 5 units are under B/B with COSL, both owner and COSL are willing to find named/reputable charterers for T/C, details to be discussed after confirm the management and financial capacities of the potential charterers.

1.     AHTS, 65m x 15.8m x 6.5m, draft 5.1m, ABS, DP2, BP 80T, Deck Space 450m2, 48 persons, 2 units

2.     AHTS, 70m x 17.2m x 7.5m, draft 5.2m, ABS, DP2, BP 132T, Deck Space 500m2, 50 persons, 1 unit

3.     PSV, 79.6m x 18.4m x 7.8m, draft 6.45m, ABS, DP2, Deck Space 800m2, 70 persons, 1 unit

4.     PSV, 83.4m x 18m x 8m, draft 6m, DNV, DP2, Deck Space 840m2, 30 persons, 1 unit  

  Details of specification as per attachment.