EN590-10PPM available

EN590-10PPM available

only limited time available
Terms: FOB Rotterdam & Fujairah

Rotterdam qty: 50,000/MT only.
Rotterdam Price: $845/MT commission $5/MT available.

Fujairah qty: 100,000/MT
Fujairah Price: $785/MT commission $5/MT available

Fund verification: POF/BCL latest required or Bank-to-Bank MT199

Terms: Sign JV a with the allocation holder & Seller will provide the titleholder & JV partner (your buyer).

Fuel ready & available now. After POF/BCL/MT199. Buyer will get full POP & SGS.

Basic SOP

1. End Buyer KYC
2. End Buyer must accept to sign JV with the allocation holder
4. Tank – to – vessel
5. Dip Test & Pay

No, TTM/FTF to waste time of all. Real deal & real buyers required. If the above terms don’t fit. Pls drop the deal

Thank you 🙏