Deck Barge – 2010

For sale domestic front driving deck barge – direct from the owner

ccs inspection 2010 Zhejiang built 5725 tons

Ship type: forward driving deck barge

Construction location: Zhejiang

Construction time: January 2010

Overall length/width/depth: 89.8m/21.8m/5.92m

Full load draft: 4.6m

Full load displacement: 7602.2

No-load displacement: 1671.2

Reference cargo tonnage: 5725 tons

Gross tons/net tons: 2996/1677

Number of cargo holds:

Hatch cover: Navigation area

Coastal Host manufacturer: Zibo 6250/882kw2 units

Still working, no mortgage, no loan, transferable.

Effective deck area: 80 meters x 21.8 meters

Delivery ship in Jiangmen,Guangdong,China

details against named buyer

target price is 2500000 USD