Floating Dock (lift 5.000 t)-never be used

Floating Dock (lift 5,000T)  for sale                                                                                                                      

Ref: FS-23081801

Technical Specifications
Type of Ship
Floating Dock
L.O.A 142.10 m
Breadth 38.00 m
Depth 10.70m
Laden Draft 2.60 m
Gross Tonnage 12,529
Net weight 6,268
Classification and Notation ZC China
Maximum lift 5,000T
Ballast Pump 350CS-16,75KW,1440 m³/h
Generators CS7H230CD,154KW,

Deck Crane 20T/40M*4 sets
Shipbuilding Yard/Year China/2021.12
Payment Terms
Price 6,000,000USD
Delivery as where is at China
Payment Terms T/T
Never be used

details against named buyer!