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new and un-used Mobile Ship-loading Conveyor

Offer on a new and un-used Mobile Ship-loading Conveyor as per the attached Pictures and Spec

Subject::  Telescopic Ship / Mining loading Conveyor

Dear Sir, We can Propose for sale :

The machine is made in Italy, the manufacturer Bedeschi, is mentioned in the relevant documents and the price of the equipment (there is a scope of Supply of the machine, operation manual and technical summary) that can be traced back to the Italian manufacturer.

The original price of this loader was about € 850,000 at the time of purchase. 

The asking price is € 310,000. 

The machine has never worked and is well preserved, as seen in recent photos. 

It can be used for loading by directly dumping truck material into the receiving hopper at the rear of the installation. 

The belt conveyor can change its angle within the specified range of inclination so as to provide a wider range of materials that can be loaded, given the limitation of the specific weight of the material transported on the belt, which must be up to 1 .5 Mt per Cubic Metre 

The unit can handle a wide range of products such as coal, grain or others, without exceeding the Specification limits of the machine.

The installation can be visited and inspected in a Bulgarian port and the prospective buyer can be fully assisted in all forthcoming formalities, dismantling of the equipment, loading on board the ship, etc.

This is a great opportunity to acquire a unit like this at a much lower price.

Please let us have your further enquyries or comments and offers, if you have suitable buyers.


Brand new CAT/MAK diesel engines Generator

We can develop for sale and located in Japan – Brand new 7370kW Diesel Engine Generator x 6units(Caterpillar, 2013, 60Hz)

brand new CAT/MAK diesel engines

New reduced price on all 6 units sale only.

Brand new CAT/MAK diesel engines

Super Deal

We can develop for sale :

We  have   this  good  opportunity  regarding  6  CAT/MAK  engines around 40  MW  totally able to  run double fuel brand  new with amazing  price.

Price and detail of 7370kW Diesel Engine Generator x 6units (2013 Build 60Hz).

+ PRICE: FOB JAPAN $USD 4.75 Million enbloc for all 6 units,  when purchased price was $2.5  million each +

Brand new 7370kW Diesel Engine Generator x 6units(Caterpillar, 2013, 60Hz)

Make: Caterpillar (rebranded)

Manufacturing year: 2013

Frequency: 60HZ

Condition: Unused(Brand new)

(Engine Specifications)

Model: 16CM32C

Output: 7680KW(9600kVA) 

Fuel: Distillate or Heavy oil

Fuel consumption: BSFC @ Rated

178 g/kWh (0.292 lbs/bhp-hr)


The numbe of cylinders: 16

Emissions: IMO Tier II

Bore: 320 mm (12.60 in.)

Stroke: 460 mm (18.1 in.)

Displacement: 592 L(36,126 cu. in.)

Aspiration Turbocharged-After cooled

Governor: Electronic

Rated Speed: 720 rpm

Module Weight, net dry:  approx.. 140 ton

Rotation (from flywheel): Counterclockwise


Model: 271R829

Power: 7374KW(9217kVA)

Synchronous type

RPM: 720

Amp: 484A

Volts: 11000V

Phase: 3

Pole: 10

Hz: 60hz

(Package Dimensions)

3000 x 12,060 x5661mm(H)

Package: approx.:  140ton

Please   inform us  if  interested  and waiting your  kind  comments

Regards Roger Bell / As Broker Only