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Hydrogen generating plant-2016 USA

for sale Hydrogen generating plant

Hydrogen is in big demand In Austria and other EU Countries  for Vehicle Fuel. We have blow Hydrogen production plant immediately available for sale.       

One (1)  Little used Hydrogen generating plant Rated Capacity 400 NM3/hr at 200 psig,

Hydrogen product Purity: 99.999% ,with 600 # / hr Steam at 240 psig .      

Plant Type:  Steam Methane Reformer ( SMR ) .

Feed Natural Gas.

Manufactured 2016 in USA, Ready to install.

• Modular-2 skids
• Easy to relocate
• Quick to install
• Move it in 2 truckloads
• Size approx. 46 feet x 13 feet

Delivery: Prompt      

Additional information available against LOI incl. company details of the interested buyer.    

 Price: US$ 1,500,000.00 incl. 50.000 USD as commission.

Sale is on first come first serve .

Offer is subject to availability. .

Please advise if any interest.     


MGY Biodiesel plant-2007/USA

New, never used 5 MGY Biodiesel plant

Immediately available for sale,  direct from the seller.

Plant year 2007 .

Flows Biodiesel OUT at 3000 L/h (792.5 gallons/hr) and glycerol at 400-600 L/h. Rated at 6 MGY but actual calculated to 6.6 MGY at 24 hrs/day and 350 days per year.

Location : USA.

Price for the Biodiesel plant 820.000 USD FOB.

There are also (4) 25,000 gal doublewall tanks, (2) 10,000 gal tanks, and (1) 12,000 gal underground tank for methanol use available.

Price for all tanks with 340.000 USD FOB.

Please advise if any interest.



Refinery for sale in South East Europe

I am directly – together with an Austrian friend/Mr. Martin Peirl from Avantgarde GmbH – to the owner.


The refinery is operational and in very good working condition.
The refinery has processed about 700.000 tons of crude oil over the years.
There about 750 employers and engineers.
Has a very good infrastructure that meets all the conditions for continuation of work.
Has all national and international oil and oil-related licenses and imports-exports of products.
Travel connection with the port.
A surface area if about 55 hectares.
It produces diesel 10ppm, bitumen, gas oil, gasoline, coke, sulfur, mazut.
It is designed for the processing of crude oil.
The refinery has been manufactured since the years 1975 but has been refurbished several times.  Last renovation in year 2013.  Refinery is located in the city,

35 km from the port has all the necessary infrastructure for oil transportation.

The refinery is owned by Bank and in respect of the price it will be a maximum of 65 million euros, but this price will be negotiated by the bank’s board – but our contact is of the opinion that we can offer it for about 45 million plus our commission of each broker – at the time your company has completed full inspection of the refinery with the engineers coming from your part and with engineers with the completion of the report by your inspectors and when you are ready to purchase the refinery we will create the opportunity for your delegation to have meetings with the high representative of the Government.

The Government will make the right decision for the company that will buy the refinery where it will suggest some rules in the contract that will be signed by the three parties – The Government, Bank and the investment company. This rules will be settled in the negotiations that we will have with the minister of energy since for many years the refinery has been managed by non-serious companies who did not pay their employees and not purchasing crude oil from purchasing companies, which has brought about a worsening of the current situation as well as being a social concern.

Therefor, the Government requires a company that has all the financial and human capacities for the refinery and the employment of people.


In case you have an interested client, who can provide an LOI and POF, we can send details that can serve as the basis for an inspection.

Mr. Martin Peirl will work with him to inspect the refinery, and above all, this is especially important to establish the necessary contacts with the bank and the responsible government members.
Thus, we always have everything under control and do not have to fear any moves behind our backs.
In addition, Mr Peirl has been on Business several times and is therefore very familiar with the mentality.
Mr Peirl charges for this activity a daily rate of 680 Euro plus expenses, which is to be anticipated in advance by the interested buyer.


Gasoline Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

We have for sale a Gasoline Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

Recovers 98% of hydrocarbons in a vapor stream of up to 1200 MCFD Vapors from loading ship at 9,000 BPH of hydrocarbons. Ready for shipment,

The Unit is self-contained and needs only electricity. No emissions from reboiler. On 40 foot skid are flame arrestor, lean oil tower 30″ diameter recovers hydrocarbon from vapor and sends the Rich Oil to tank on skid for processing in the distillation tower. Complete distillation tower on the same skid, 20″ diameter packed with pall rings, on board rich oil and lean oil storage. Cooling fans and refrigeration unit. Towers disconnect with full body flanges at the 14 foot level for easy transportation on road. 

The skids are approximately 14′ wide x 40′ long x hub is about 8′ high. 
It has 2 towers, The two towers can fit into one container. 
The main tower is 42″ and reduces down.
The flange to the top is just under 40′.

These are standard shipping sizes , this little unit is designed to be portable.

The unit is complete. It was built in 1997and shut down in 2005.  It has been stored inside in covered storage.

Price: US$790,000 Ex works , Houston,Texas.


2x3500barrel day petroleum refinery

Refineries in Caspian Region

These refineries are located in the Caspian Region.  If a buyer that interested to purchase one 3500 bpd Refinery then please note that for both unit installation there is one control center, If buyer buy  one unit , then the control panel will also be sold with it. Therefore , the second unit remains without a control system, and a control system will need to be purchased for the second unit.

Please find attached the plot plant ,flow sheet drawings and a picture of a sister unit.,

prompt shipment.

2 new unused 3500 BPD modular designee refinery package that are

crated ready for shipment,

tons per year refined products as follows,


— 37.5 thousand tons per year gasoline

— 37.5 thousand tons per year diesel

— 73 thousand tons per year furnace fuel oil


Electrical is 160 KVA, 380 volts, 3 phase 50 HZ

Maximum ambient temperature 40C

Minimum ambient temperature -36

Both units located in the Caspian region and manufactured by Petrofrac USA.

Prices per unit $USD 9,4 Million.