CPP TANKER – 1999 Netherlands



VESSEL                                 THUN GRACE

IMO NUMBER                   9190195

SDWT                                   6535 MT

SDRAFT                                6.76 m

LOA                                       103.46 m

BEAM                                   15 m

FLAG                                     NETHERLANDS

BUILT                                    OCT 11, 1999  NETHERLANDS

CLASS                                   Bureau Veritas

CUBIC 98 PCT                    6893 m3 CARGO TANKS. The Capacity is given EXCLUDING the designated sloptank. Drain tanks capacity 31 Cu. metres) SLOP 98 PCT  : 749 m3

SEGREGATIONS                5

PUMPS                                9 x 300 Cu. Metres/Hour (Centrifugal)

TPC                                        14,2 MT

BCM                                      58 m

KTM                                      27,85 m

IGS                                        N/A

COW                                     No

SBT/CBT                              SBT

VRS                                       Yes

GRT                                       3653

NRT                                       1825

CRANES                               1  x 1,5 MT

COATED                               EPOXY

HEATING                             No

ME                                         Wartsila 4-stroke 6R32LNE

PROPELLER                         CPP

HULL                                     Double Hull

Trading well in north Europe with clean cargoes and is in very good condition.