Dredger-25000t Self-suction & Self-discharge Vessel

DREDGER-25000t Self-suction & Self-discharge Vessel (3-in-1 Dredger) For Sale

Listing ID – 4495

Date Launched: 2022 Length: 170.46m (559ft 3in)

Beam: 26m (85ft 3in)

Draft: 7.05m (23ft 1in)

Note: Guangchai Self-sail Engine

Location: China 


This ship is a self-priming and self-unloading sand ship propelled by a stern model, twin engines, twin propellers, twin rudders, and diesel engines; There are four deckhouses at the rear. The cargo hold area is double bottom and double side, bottom and side are longitudinal frame structure. Behind the first anti-collision bulkhead is a double-bottom single-side transverse frame structure, and the bow and stern tip cabin and engine room are single-bottom single-side transverse skeleton structure, six cargo holds are arranged in the cargo area.

This ship is a cargo ship that uses its own belt conveyor to unload granular bulk cargo such as sand (cargo density 1.3~1.5t/m3); When loading, it is loaded according to the loading order of the loading calculation book. Each cabin needs to be trimmed. Flatten the bulkheads around the cargo hold. It is strictly forbidden to stack the cargo beyond the hatch coaming. If it has a serious impact on the stability, then pressurize the bag and baffle measures; the ship is not allowed to have partial loading conditions when loading the cargo; The ship is equipped with a sand suction pump.

Price: USD 16 million

Broker: Frantay