EN590 10ppm CIF-from non-sanctioned country

We can deliver EN590 10ppm CIF- the price will be $580 USD/MT – from non-sanctioned country to each safe port 

I confirm that the commission, $5 buy side & $5 sell side per MT, is included in the price of $580 USD per MT and will be paid by the seller.

The buy side commission is for the broker and his colleagues, if there are some.

The sell side commission will be paid to the SHIP-BROKER and his colleagues, if there are some.

Important is that we are getting the name of the bank, which will issue the financial instrument.

The issuing bank and/or the confirming bank must be a top 100 prime bank.

The seller will then issue the FCOs for the buyer.
The seller is an American Company located in Dallas, Texas, USA
All further details will then be specified in our FCO.

If you are interested please send me the LOIs and the name of the bank and we will submit an offer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

this PRICE is valid for 5 Banking Days – Expiry Date: February 20, 2023

this offer is currently not available, please contact us to give you the latest conditions!

BERND-GB as broker only