Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

After a longer conversation with the seller of this unused EGCS ((Exhaust Gas Cleaning System), we have now a much better price.

Location: Zhoushan, China
Quantity: 1 set
The maker is willing to assist for install on the new ship (additional costs to be
Specifications Highlights:
• Model: Clean Marine EGCU 100K (Designed basis on M/E 6S50MC 9480kw, and 3 AE
6N21AL 900kw, and 1 Boiler, Aalborg 18000kg steam/h)
• Max Design Capacity: 100000kg exhaust/h, 281℃
• Capacity of Fan: 100000kg exhaust/h, 281℃
• Back Pressure Gas Meeting Point: +/- 200Pa
• Exhaust Gas Temperature out: 10 ~ 50℃
• SOX Cleaning Efficiency: From 3.5% to 0.1% Sulphur in FO equivalence
• Operation Modes: Open and Closed Loop
• Ambient Seawater Temperature: 4 ~ 32℃
• Water Amount (Main supply): 0 ~ 550m3
/h; 55.7m head
• Water Amount (Closed Loop Water Circulation): 0 ~ 412.5m3
/h; 57m head
• Water Cooler (Closed Loop): 4650kw (recirculated washwater 50 → 40℃
• NaOH Dosing Pump: 0 ~ 112 L/h
• NaOH Injection Pumps: 0 ~ 224 L/h
• Water Treatment Unit, Max. Capacity: 18m3
• Gas Monitoring Downstream Scrubber: SO2 (ppm)/CO2 (Vol%)≤4.3
• PAH: Ref. table in MEPC.259(68), section 10.1.3.
• Turbidity: Delta in-out 25 FNU (NTU)
• Overboard Ph limits: pH>6.5 at 4 meters from discharge point
The Maker:
Clean Marine is recognized as a highly competitive
supplier of emission cleaning products for vessels to meet
existing and new IMO regulations. EGCS systems work
equally well in open and closed-loop mode while seawater
and alkaline can be used to regulate the Sulphur trapping
efficiency in both modes. The EGCS can operate in all types of water (including low
alkaline and saline water) in either mode, without loss of efficiency. Our scrubbers are
the optimal solution for the marine environment and represents a futureproof system for
the shipowner, adhering to regulatory variety in all waters. Our systems uses natural
seawater in both open and closed-loop operation and can boost with alkali to reach
pH>6 at outlet for US VGP compliance

Our Price for 1 set is: 1 Million USD only!!!!

Original cost: 2 Million USD (FOB EU)