Floatel/Accommodation Barge Master/SNP Desk-2010 China

Floatel/Accommodation Barge Master/SNP Desk for sale

We can develop the

below unit for resale,


Floatel/Accommodation Barge

Status: unused/laid-up

Length overall: 91.5m(300′)

Breadth: 24.4m(80′)

Depth: 5.5m(18′)

Draft: 4.3m(14’1”)

Uniform deckload: 10t/m2

Class notation: * A1 Barge

Built in 2010 China


Topside was built and fabricated in 2012,UK

Living quarter designed and built for North Sea

DNV certified 5-level of 120 POB accommodation modules with helideck

120 POB (60off two man cabins 2off single man cabin; can be converted)

Galley mess facilities with seating for 48 people

Laundry facilities

Office suite

Emergency command and control areas

Recreational areas

Plant area


Winch and rope arrangement alongside in the port

Dumb barge without DP or 4 point mooring system



Location: UK