Floating Dock-1975

FD “Ercolino IV for sale


Year of built: 1975

Shipyard: Avondale Shipyard Inc., Louisiana

LOA: 146m

Beam: 80m

Lightweight: abt 14.000 tons

Clear width between wings: 67.06m      

Depth: 23.77m

Depth of pontoon at centerline: 9.91m

Depth of pontoon at side: 9.60m

Length of typical wingwall: 17.37m

Length of starboard end wingwalls: 17.83m

Length of port end wingwalls: 13.26m

Max draft: 10.67m

Minimum wingwall freeboard: 1.22m

Vertical center of gravity above b.l.: 7.62m

Frame spacing: 9.144m

The original length and LDT were respectively abt 270 m and abt 28.000 tons but during the transfer from USA to Canary Islands the floating dock has been hit by an hurricane and part of it got lost.  The LDT of the part actually for sale is supposed to be abt 14.000 tons but it  has to be confirmed through a lightweight survey which Sellers may arrange against Buyers’ firm interest

The remaining part of the FD is in working conditions

(dtls are abt and wog)

Promptly inspectable / deliverable Tenerife “as is where is”.  

Sellers inviting best offers but for delivery  “as is where is” in Tenerife only.

Full documentation available here.

Pls advise if of named interest.