Floating Dock – Black Sea – 2008

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Floating Dock

One reinforced concrete pontoon
Year built: 2008
RS Class suspended / passing surveys for Class renewal
Lifting capacity 8.500 tns.
Length max (with one crinoline) 149,25 m.
Breadth (between external boards of pontoon) 32,40 m.
Breadth (berth-deck) 26,00 m.
Breadth (between entering fenders) 24,50 m.
(all details given in good faith but wog)

Inspectable – Black Sea

Info about the dock –

Inspectable – Black Sea

Floating dock one reinforced concrete pontoon

(Portland B-50 + reinforcing steel of diameter 10,12, 14, 16 and 20 mm).

2 steel towers.


Bow and aft crinolines.

Working temperatures (-25 C …+25 C)

Class: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping  KE*R3 floating dock.

Built 10/2008 Ukraine.

Lifting capacity 8.500 tns.

Deadweight 9373 tns.

Length (berth-deck) 139,50 m

Length max.(with crinolines) 155,0 m- crinolines are only

to be installed when repair works in sheltered waters.

Length max (with one crinoline) 149,25 m.

Breadth (between external boards of pontoon) 32,40 m.

Breadth (berth-deck) 26,00 m.

Breadth (between entering fenders) 24,50 m.

Breadth of steel towers 3,13 m.

Height of pontoon (from main plane):

-on the center plane 4,80 m.

-at the inner side of the tower 4,60 m.

Height of dock from main plane:

-up to top-deck 12,80 m.

-up to safe deck 9,80 m.

Depth of sea water (1,025 t/m3):

over berth-deck 7,0 m.

over keel blocks (1,3 m height)  5,70 m.

Docks draft (sea water 1,025 t/m3) 2,0 m.

Designed height of shore line above sea 1,8 m.

20 ballast tanks + 4 dry compartments.

On right tower in aft are the following compartments

-central control station for dock operations

-transformer room..

-emergency diesel-generator room

-CO2 fire fighting system room.

-docks’ master cabin.

-spare parts store.

-ventilation room.

-shower with locker-room.


In aft dry compartment installed fresh water tank + waste water tank.

The docks hull, machineries, equipment, systems comply with MARPOL 73/78.

On top-deck of right tower are  placed 4 containers (0,06 m3) for waste and trash.

For corrosion protection of reinforcing steel concrete protective layers are  provided

(10,15 and 20 mm)  according Russian MRS Rules. All metal hull constructions are duly painted.

Max load berth-dock: 664 kH per lane meter.

Anchor gears: 2 x3 anchor chains (81 mm) each board + 2 x2 chains (62 mm) bow and aft.

For ships handling: on top-deck of each tower: 2 x 3 mooring spires (each 80 kH )

Bollards and hawse-holes on the berth-deck for mooring/towing operations.

There are railways (R-43) with 3,4 m track on top-deck of both towers for possibility

to install dock gantry cranes with lifting capacity 5-7 tns (50-70 kH)

In order to protect dock and vessels there are stationary wooden fenders

(on both towers in bow part) + metal guard rails on internal boards of top decks.

2 x water fire fighting pumps each 120 m3/hour both are manually and remote controlled.

Emergency diesel-generator: 105 kW Â 400V/50G

As brokers, would try Euro 4.5 Mill. “as is where is” Kerch, Crimea.

Dock can be delivered either out of territorial waters of Crimea or 

bss delivery Bosphorus / to be discussed during firm outright negotiations