Handy Bulker – 2010 China

China built Handy Bulker for sale (Japan Made MAIN ENGINE)


LIB Flag

14,687 Mtdw on 8,02M

Blt 2010 Ningbo Boda Shipbuilding, China

CCS Class SS/DD just passed Apri/may 2019

Loa 144,65 Lbp 136,00 Beam 21,00 Depth 11,00 M

4/4 Ho/Ha

Hydrualic folding type cover

19,000  Cbm Gr

CR 2×25

Hanshin, LH46LA  Hanshin Diesel Engine Works 4,499

Gens 3 x 350 KW CCFJ350J-WB

Prompt action required otherwise owners shall change

flag to Chinese flag for China domestic trading.

ETA Pyongtaek Korea 14 June to disch  for 3 days.

Next voyage not fixed but most likley Russian far east – Korea.

Charter free delivery by arr.