ICE Class RORO – 1998 Huelva


Built Huelva: 1998


Class DNV, Flag Douglas

DWT 4935 on 5.7m

Loa 122, Breadth 19

GT/NT 7606/2282

Speed 16knt

1,057 lm, 12 drivers

2 x Wärtsilä 9R32 diesel engines,

Available UK with prompt delivery.

Vessel is fresh from DD with ballast water treatment system fitted,

ice class and can be container fitted on upper deck if required.

All details provided in good faith, without guarantee.

Officially ideas have been Euro 8 mill.

We would definitely encourage less as owners are serious sellers and they are not seeing the interest they had been expecting.

Difficult to say what the level might be.

The real issue is inspection, ie need outright offers for sellers to consider more carefully/flexibly!

Regularly inspectable Irish Sea.

She is a good vessel and believe you’ll find her well maintained. For your info, there are her other 3 sisters all on long term charter trading UK waters.

Look forward to hearing.


The owner gives further details only against name / address of the customer.
Or broker offer the ship to potential customers and then give us the name / address of an interested customer.
Commissions are, as always, fair between the brokers involved shared.