Iceclass-IA MPP-1992 CRT

For sale below Ice class-IA MPP


ABT 5,697 DWT ON 6.4M Draft

BLT 5/1992 Kraljevica Brodogradiliste dd, CRT

Class VL NN SS: 2017-05-31 DD: 2020-09-03

ABT 7,220 CBM Grain / 6,850 CBM Bale

Ice Class Equipped: FS-IA

or 155 FEU + 65 TEU / 250 TEU @ 14T / 40 Reef Plugs


ABT 2,183 LDT

list of repairs/maintenance since August 2017

Engine Room

– Overhaul of the Propeller Hub (exchange of seals)

– Overhaul / renew stern-tube aft and forward

– Overhaul of the CPP OD box

– Overhaul of the Main Engine (8 units)

– Overhaul of the Auxiliary Engines x 2


– Overhauls of the Anchor mooring winch drives

– Repair hold ventilations ducts – new motors

She is trading Baltic and just underwent DD.

As Broker would test low USD 1 mill.

but wouldn’t be shy to come forward with any offers to test owners.