LCT – 2015 China

2833MT(3700MT) self propelled barge LCT for sale

(Actually could load 3700dwt)

Built: September 2015 Taizhou China

Class: ZC

Capacity on the certificate: 2833DWT

GRT: 1732

NRT: 969

LOA: 77.87M

LOB: 16.80M

LOD: 4.80M

Laden draft: 3.70M

Thickness of steel: 20mm main deck, other 12mm


M.E:Z8170ZLCZ-30×2set ZIBO DIESEL 448hp×2

Laden displacement: 3982.300t

Light displacement: 1014.955t

S S: September 26, 2019

DD: September 26,2019

Inspect and Delivery Place:Taizhou China.