Liftboats / Jack up Barges – RESALE

Liftboats / Jack up Barges/DPS-1 – RESALE

Class Notation: ABS, A1, Self-Elevating Unit, AMS-NP,

Accommodation Services, +DPS-1, CRC, CPS, UWILD, HELIDK
Flag: Panama
Length overall: 85.1 m
Breath molded: 40m
Hull depth: 5.8m
Design draft: 3.2m
Legs: 4 cylindrical legs, 91.5m including spudcan

Max. Operating water depth: 60m
Design ambient temperature: >0 ℃, ≤ 50 ℃

Jacking system: Hydraulic, rack & pinion
Normal lifting capacity of jacking system: 6400t
Average jacking speed (jacking up & down): 0.8m/min

Sailing speed: 4.5kn
Free deck area: abt. 1400m2
Accommodations: 300 Persons

Variable load: 1700t
Max. Deck Allowable Load(Fr16~30): 5t/m2
Max. Deck Allowable Load(Fr30~53,12.44m (P/S) ): 7.5ton/m2
Main Crane capacity: Main hook:200t@r=9.5m (min.), 40t@r=40m (max.); Aux. hook: 10t@r=10.5m
Auxiliary Crane capacity: Main hook:20t@r=20m, 10t@r=30m; Aux. hook:3t@r=6.8m
Helideck: 22.2m in diameter, suitable for S-92
DP system: DPS-1

Main Diesel Generator: 830kW×4(400V 50Hz)
Emergency Generator 250kW×1(400V 50Hz)

Bow Thruster 80kN@600kW

M/E 2 sets MCR 1760KW/1000rpm

2 units with PPT DELIVERY

Sellers price one unit USD 32 M , another one unit USD 35 M

One unit at Shipyard location at Huludao China, One unit inspectable in Jinhai Shipyard location at Zhoushan China.