LPG – 1991 Kawasaki/Japan

Following old LPG vessel is officially on sale

VLGC Gas Jenny – 91′ Kawasaki, 75k cbm, 50k dwt, -48c min temp

the Sellers are inviting firm offers for all  potential buyers. Sellers will provide all the necessary information to these registered buyers and arrange vessel inspection if necessary.


Please REGISTER FIRM OFFER for purchase LPG/Gas Jenny (IMO 9000883) latest by 18:00lt Beijing Time on 18th September 2020.

Please give offer basis below condition  :

1 As the vessel will conduct Time Charter at East Africa, please confirm they buyers waive physical inspection.

2.Vessel to be delivered as is, where is at Fujairah . Laycan is around end of November or early December 2020.

3. The vessel shall be physically delivered to the buyers with coolant of propane and butane onboard the vessel for normal trading purpose. The buyers shall buy the coolant onboard the vessel . Price of coolant propane basis last purchase price provided by sellers. Price of coolant butane basis physical  delivery month CP.

4. MOA format as attached to be amended by both parties later.


Pleased  to  hear