Modular pontoon with Spudlegs – 2011

We can offer a Modular pontoon with Spudlegs for sale

Suitable for use in Sheltered and inland waters

Unit is from 2011

Can be assembled in several arrangements

Consists of the following pieces

17 units of 40’ x ‘x 6’

8 units of 20’x 8’x 6’

4 spudlegs of 24 meters, diameter 765 mm x 24 mm

Hydraulic operated by means of an Hydraulic power pack (64 kW) and easy operating controls, individual for each spud leg

4 sets of double bollards

4 hydraulic winches of 5 ts each

Deckload 6 ts/m2 – freeboard 0.5 m – loading cap 624 ts

Unit has been used for abt 2 years only on one project.

Full details in hand, can guide you on sellers ideas.