Multi-purpose Ship-2006 China

Cargo / Container vessel 10232 dwt   –  FOR S A L E



Single Deck, Double Bottom

Built: Feb. 15, 2006 / China

Class: CCS

Navigation Area: Coastal, A1+A2

Next SS: May 24, 2023

GRT/NRT: 8,061/4,514

DWT: 10,232t on Draft 7.3m

LOA/B/D: 140.00/19.80/9.82m

3 Holds / 3 Hatch

Capacity of Cargo Hold: 14,407m3

Capacity of Container: 648TEU (284TEU in hold, 364TEU on deck), Freezer Plug: 20 plugs

Hatch Size: No.1: 12.6m x 15m, No.2: 25.9m x 15m, No.3: 31.5m x 15m

Main Engine: SHANXI 8PC2-5L, 3,824kW/520rpm

Main Generator: TFXW-355M6-H, 3 x 250kW/1,000rpm

Emergency Generator: MP-H-120-4, 1 x 120kW/1,500rpm

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