Panamax BC-1998 China


We can develop below candidate on a PRIVATE SALE :

Panama Flag / Built 1998 Hudong China
72,928 dwt on 14.018 m
Class BV SS/DD passed in Oct 2021
LOA/BM/Depth 225m / 32.26m / 19.2m
GRT/NRT 39,755/25,379
Grain/Bale 89,430 / 78,698 m3
Gear : 4 x 30 mts crane + 4 x 8-12 m3 grab (for coal operation only)
7 holds / 7 hatches
BWTS fitted

Speed/consumption (Eco speed)
At sea :
Ballast : about 12 knots on about 26 mts LSFO NDAS
Laden : about 11 knots on about 26 mts LSFO NDAS
In port working : about 4.5 mts LSFO + about 0.1 mts LSMGO
In port idle : about 2.5 mts LSFO + about 0.1 mts LSMGO
(excluding crane operation / ballast/de-ballast/ballast exchange)

No LSGO at sea but vessel has liberty to consume diesel oil when manoeuvering, in/out ports,
starting of A/E, incinerator, boiler, navigating in shallow/restricted/busy/congested waters,
also canals/rivers/during pilotage/fog/etc, under discretion of the master.

The Speed, Bunker Consumption and slip (loss rate) info provided by Owners is just for
Charterer’s reference only without Owner’s guarantee.  Actual Speed, Bunker Consumption 

and slip (loss rate) shall base on actual ship’ s performance figures in navigation.

(All details above is about given in good faith but strictly WOG)

More info/details/docs and price request etc against NAMED/PROFILE OF BUYERS.