Production Offloading Barge Ice Class-brand new

Production Offloading Barge Ice Class for sale

We can develop for sale :

Production Offloading Barge Ice Class so can be used in Polar Regions.  

Barge Class: A1 Floating Offshore Installation (FOI), Ice strengthening, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas Coastwise.

Mooring System. Eight point catenary spread mooring system with sheaves submerged below ice & ACE winches 

Cranes. Port side: Sparrows EC1000 (160,600lb capacity),  Starboard: Sparrows EC65 (22,000lb capacity)

High-Pressure Choke Manifold.  High-pressure choke manifold provides well intervention capability via a capping stack. Choke manifold can control flow of hydrocarbons directly from the well to the process and separate  water, gas and oil.  Gas  can be flare. Primarily designed for 25,000 bbl / day, 10,000psi capability.

Processing.  3 phase process separates water from gas and oil. Glycol process heaters provide heat to the process and a chemical injection system introduces anti-foam and demulsifying agents to the system.

Flare Boom. Flaring Capacity: 25,000 bpd of light crude oil, Flaring Time: continuous 45 days expected maximum
Water Curtain: 6,000 gpm water curtain to provide areas of safe thermal radiation levels

Testing. The system is the only existing “offset” deployment source control method, enabling vessel separation from source for shelf response. This equipment has been successfully proven in regulator attended exercises in 2013, 2014 & 2015. Water Run Test performed in 2014 successfully confirmed intake from Containment Dome pumps through the process facilities. Commissioning finalized in 2015 enabling the first US offshore Arctic drilling program.

The barge was never used, all equipment is brand new. The barge can work as:

Floating Processing Offloading unit (FPO); working couple with a tanker to add storage capacity.

As a Support to offshore oil/gas operation. The barge has quarters for 72 people (certify), 4.5 MW electric generation, ROV for 3000 meters, etc.

Quick response System.  The system is the only existing “offset”

Location  USA and Guide Price is $USD6.8 Million