small roro cargo ship-2002/rebuilt 2009

49.90 M RORO China built 2000 rebuilt 2009  small roro cargo ship for sale

Do you have friends in Maldives / Philippines / Indonesia /PNG/solomon who is interested in this small roro cargo ship?

49.90m cargo roro ship

Built in 2000, rebuilt in 2009

Navigation area; Great coastal waters

LOA: 49.90m

Length: 46.63m

Breadth: 12.98m

Depth: 3.25m

Laden draft: 2.398m

Laden water displacement: 1050.000t

Reference dwt: 480t

Operation area: A1+A2

Location of double bottom: Fr 12#-67#

Main engine: Z6170ZLCz, 300kW*2sets, Zibo engine

Gross tonnage: 490

Net tonnage: 274

Speed: 10kn

Car capacity: 12

Anti-wind capability: Beaufort scale grade 7

Designed for carrying vehicle, dangerous cargos, etc.

Next SS: June 26, 2024

Passenger capacity: total 19p including crew 7p and drivers 12p

Stern ramp door.