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2 x 20 man accommodation modules

2 x 20 man accommodation modules for sale

We are selling or consider rental our 2 x 20 man Pax accommodation Units :

Please find attached brochure for the 2 x 20 man accommodation modules. These are high spec units that are Air Purged units for oil and gas installations such as  Offshore Oil Drilling Rig. Land Rigs and Production Platforms for Hazardous conditions  Units are new in 2008  Built in Sweden and original cost of $USD3.5 Million.  

Unused and good clean condition with DNV Certs and all data.  Located in the UK and not used since manufactured.

Asking Price Ex- Works UK is $USD300k each or both units for $USD500k.



Accomodation Modul for sale or charter-new and unused

Accomodation modul for sale or charter-new and unused

Well Control, BOP’s, Tubulars,  SAT Dive System’s x 2 one is modular,, Accommodation Units and Oil / Gas equipment’s.  11’’ x 20,000 PSI BOP with Choke and Kill Manifold.

Please find attached information on our company and our scope of equipment’s we buy and sell.  We, as joint owners can offer this attached120 pax accommodation module for sale or charter, unit is new and unused.. Price for this unit is £3.8 million sterling ex-works UK.  Original guide cost when built was $30mill.   Also available 2 x 20 man unit and both unit

We kindly ask you to express your interest only if you already have a customer.
In this case we ask you for the exact details of the customer by submitting a LOI.
Otherwise we can unfortunately not work on your request.
We wish you much success!s can be used offshore or onshore on Barges, Rigs or quayside. 



accommodation Module for sale or rental

Accommodation Module for sale or rental

we are direct to the owner!

We are offering our accommodation Module for sale or rental options and located in the UK for inspections.

This module could be placed on a Floating Barge, Jack Up Barge, Oil Rig or used Quay side.

Comes with Helideck.

Please contact me with any questions or details on pricing.

PDF attached with specifications and some pictures. Could be used on Hazardous condition platforms such as offshore oil rigs and gas plants.

Built to DNV Standards.


Five Level Accommodations Module 2012 – Passengers 120

Accommodations Module 2012 – Passengers 120

ID: 5668

REF:p1dg    Year:2012    Flag:Non US:    Location:Europe    Price:Price on Request

Five Level Accommodation Module 2012 – Passengers 120 For Sale.

This 120 man Accommodations Module (New Build) was completed in 2012. It has 5-1/2 levels for temporary refuge with H60 / A60 blast rating.

She could be very suitable as a stand-alone accommodation block on a flat top barge, jack-up or rig.

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Year Built: 2012

120 Man Living Quarters and Helideck
Temporary Refuge:

LQ boundary is the Temporary Refuge (TR)

Endurance Period of one (1) hour
Blast and Fire Rating:

Blast rated on all faces

Combination of H60 and A650 external

Internal fire ratings as per SOLAS
Hazardous Area Certification (Living Quarters is in a safe area)

External equipment certified for a zone 2 hazardous area

Internal equipment certified for safe area with exception of Equipment in air locks

Fire dampers

Gas detectors

Internal Escape lighting
Smoke and Gas Ingress:

Constructed to meet air leakage criteria of 0.2 AC/hr @ 50 Pa

Smoke and gas tight fire dampers on TR perimeter

Fire dampers positioned to facilitate regular testing

Fire and Gas Detection:
F&G detection located at air intakes, roof areas, airlocks, UPS / TER rooms,
embarkation areas.

Addressable Smoke Detection in Living Quarters
Escape Routes:

Minimum dimensions / maximum lengths specified

Provision for stretcher access

From incident to Medical Suite / Master Area; and then subsequently

To the helideck / TEMPSC

Mustering in the LQ

Escape from an internal LQ incident

Evaluation of Platform (Helicopter or TEMPSC)
New aluminum helideck complying with CAP 437 (6th Edition)
New HVAC System
New Portable Water System

Layout Considerations:
Two (2) man cabins: Single beds, 6 lockers per room, One (1) toilet shower cubicle / cabin

Improved leisure facilities: Gymnasium, Sauna, Quiet Room, Recreation Room, Coffee Hub

Linen / Janitor stores at all levels

Dedicated drying space in locker area

Improved working spaces: offices, galley, laundry, locker

Illumination levels specified (switched where required)

Individual room temperature control

Stem humidification to ensure minimum humidity achieved

No smoking in Living Quarters

Safety in Design:

Lay-out or heliadmin

Galley landing / material handling

External hose reels

Access to plant from stairs (extract skids)

Lift for catering staff (material handling)

Sliding doors (pneumatic assist) on main access doors

120 POB (56 off two main cabins, 4 off single man)

TEMPSC Provision


1,300 Tonnes
Level 1:

Galley Mess facilities for sitting of 48 persons

Laundry facilities

Locker facilities
Level 2:

Office Suite

Emergency Command and Control (ECC)

Recreation Spaces
Level 3 / 4:

Level 5:

Cabins, UPS / TER, Medic Suite, Helilounge
Level 6:

Plant Areas
Piping / Safety
Piping Systems:

Potable Water Systems

Sea Water

Black & Gray Drains (Combined)

Fire Water

Helideck DIFFS

Hose reels (typically 3 / floor)

No Sprinklers
Potable Water Maker Integral in LG

Header tank in LQ

UV Sterilization

Clarifier (2 off 60% vessels)
100% DIFFS System

Full details to named buyers only.
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