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Ex German ICE breaker for sale – conversion candidate for MPP/ Yacht – 1967

Ex German ICE breaker for sale – conversion candidate for MPP/ Yacht

Diesel electric driven, low consumption

– built 1967 Germany for German state, well maintained
– built under Germanischer Lloyd Icebreaker E 3
– 70 percent double hull and freshwater intercooling for all ships systems
– 7 internal bulkheads, very safe

Dimensions: 55.34/50.87 x 13.40 x 6.0 m – max draft  4.75 m
m/e 3 x MTU ND 665, each 855 kW – diesel electric propulsion
running hours only 11.000 and since last overhaul 1.500 each

Vessel can sail on 1,2 or 3 engines thus very fuel efficient

– cargo holds for and aft to store cars, speedboats, ROV etc
– excellent stability

One of a kind !

ex ICE 1A Ice breaker suitable for ARCTIC conditions

built 1967 Norderwerft Hamburg, Germany

Outline details:

This is a former special purpose vessel of German Maritime Authorities.
Can be used for  employment or conversion as Ice breaker / Multi Purpose Vessel / Yacht research vessel,  diving vessel or as explorer-yacht  or any other purpose

converted / rebuilt 1982 Thyssen Nordseewerke Emden, Germany
Built as per GL 100 A4 E 3 icebreaker – expired – last drydocking 11/2013

Dimensions 55.34/50.87 x 13.40 x 6.0 m – max draft  4.75 m

Accommodation can be increased by extension of the present accommodation, same been carried out before on similar vessels.

2 messrooms, 1 galley, 5 toilets and 5 showers, 2 workshops
15 cabins with 28 berths where on the large aft deck accommodation was extended.

Cargo holds fore and aft
Towing winch
Large aft deck
Crane aftship 5 tons

about 80 pct double hull, 7 bulkheads with hydraulic doors

Main engines 3 x MTU ND 665, each 855 kW – diesel electric propulsion
running hours only 11.000 and since last overhaul 1.500 each
3 Generators for propulsion each 1.141 kW

Vessel can sail on 1,2 or 3 engines thus very fuel efficient
Internal cooling , engines always cooling on freshwater
1 propeller in kort nozzle – speed 12 knots

Tank capacities:
Fuel 104 cbm
Ballast 70 cbm
FW 18 cbm
Foam cap 10 cbm

Now for sale at euro 450.000 with delivery Rotterdam





Type: Diesel Electric 90m ROV Diving Support Vessel
Class: ABS + A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel (FFV 1, ROV Capable, DSV Capable) SPS +AMS DPS-2
Length O.A.: 90m
Length B.P.:82.4m
Breadth M.: 23m
Depth M.: 8.5m
DWT: 4200T ON 6.2m Draft
M/E: 2350KW,CAT
Propulsion sys.: Two (2) Azimuth controllable pitch propellers
F.O. Capacity: 1200m3
Deck cargo area: 1100m2




L/B/D: 75.00m / 17.25m /8.00m
DWT: 3000t Draft 6.50m
Class: ABS
Accommodation: 50p
Speed: 13.0knots
GRT / GRN: 2950/885
M/E: Japan, Niigata 8L28H,2*3000HP@750RPM

All units are ready for delivery.

We have further details can guide closely.


2 units 59 m AHTS for resale built in experienced shipyards in China

2 units Multi-Purpose Offshore Supply/Anchor Handing Vessel

L/B/D: 59.25m/14.95m/14.95m
Deadweight: 1340T @ draft 4.95m
Class: ABS
Deck area: 320m2
Deck loading: 7.5T/m 2
Bollard Pull: 60T
Speed: 13Knots
Gross tonnage: 1678T
Accommodation: 36 men
Main engine: 2×2575 hp Propeller: 2×CPP
Generating set: 2×350KW Bow thruster: 2×8.0T controllable pitch

The ships are ready for delivery.


We have further details can guide closely against particulars of buyers.



AHTSSV /2units – New Building

N/B 150 MT BP AHTSSV (2 units) for Sale

We can develop for sale the following

New Building 150 MT Bollard Pull Anchor Handling Tugs in advanced stage of completion.

For your information, the principal dimension and G/A of the vessel are as follows;

Description of Vessel.

150 MT Bollard Pull Anchor Handling Tugs (2 units)

Classification society: LRS +100A1, + LMC + UMS+ DPAA + Fi Fi 1 + IWS

Maker: mostly European

LOA                                      : 70m

LBP                                       : 64.46m

Breadth                                 : 19m

Depth                                   : 7.50m

Design Draft loaded (Max.)   : 6.2m

Draft (Operating)                  : 5.5m

Bollard Pull                           : 150 ton

DWT                                      : 2,500 mt

Deck Loading                        : 101/sq.m and 7.5 ton/sq.m

Cargo Deck Area                  : 570 m2

M/E                                       : 6RTA 62U (13,320KW/113rpm) HCP CEGIELSKI Poland.

D/E                                       : HCP CEGIELSKI. FSA Sp. Z o.o. Poland.

Max. Speed (100% MCR)      : 13.5 knots

Service speed( 85%MCR)     : 12 knots in BF-2

Cruising range                      : 15,000 Nm

Complement                          : 18 crews + 42 Sp. Personnel

General Arrangement Plan

Looking forward to receiving your positive reply for further development.

We can guide at reasonable price to meet your Buyers’ budget, 

and provide full details in case of your named Buyers’ interest, so pleased to hear.


65m AHTS 6600 BHP NIIGATA w/ 80 TBP 50 paxs accommodation

65m AHTS 6600 BHP NIIGATA  w/ 80 TBP 50 paxs accommodation

Price for the 2016 6,600 BHP NIIGATA engines USD 9.8 million net to sellers, we need to Add On 5% to seller’s price to facilitate our sale comm

90% of equipment installed  is all imported from Europe, USA and Singapore.

vessel ready to be inspected in south China in a different location


Diving Support Vessel – 2010

Diving Support Vessel

Note, vessel was re-designed and converted to a diving offshore support vessel in 2010 (retrofit-rina class rules)

Flag: St Vincent and the Grenadines

Port of Reg: Kingstown

Year built 2010 RB

GT: 5308 NT: 1707

LOA: 89.14m

Breadth: 22.0m

Depth: 6.95m

Diving Support vessel.

Large helideck

100MT crane

Clear deck area 850m sq

Moon Pool: 4.8m x 4.9m

Supply vessel (firefighting ship2) accommodation DP3

Accommodation for 240 persons

Vessel has been laid up since about October 2017.

interested buyer may have to offer over $10mill due to other keen interests, but we can try at $10mill.

Buyer have to pay brokers commission!

This is a nice buy so please advise soonest in case it goes to auction but the Bank is just wanting to offload it ASAP. 

Specs with GA only against particulars of buyer!