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Can develop these VLCCs for sale

Re VLCC M/T “Hawk” and sister “Eagle” 309,000 tdw blt 03 and 02 respectively.

these two vessels was sold to present owner basis intention to convert for specific FPSO projects. 

These projects have now been cancelled or postponed indefinitely so owners looking to sell one or both.

The “Hawk” is presently in Linggi/Singapore, and will remain there until 2nd Nov, where after she will go to Sriracha, Thailand. No info on further employment thereafter.

The vessel is on a time charter to Messrs. Mansel (Vitol) and was recently extended for a short period.

Period is 60-180 days +/- 10 days counting from October 5th – i.e. redelivery between November 24th and April 13th in Singapore.

The “Eagle” is presently loading AG for discharge Thailand / Sriracha where ETA 5-6 Nov.

he is trading spot so flexible on delivery.

Pricewise sellers will be realistic

Pleased to hear.