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2 Gearless Celluar Container Ship for charter

The below 2 Gearless Celluar Container Ship for charter

vsls ex DD Zhoushan FH July 2022 for period t/c.

mv Xin Long Yun 88 + 16

Flag/Port of Registry: Panama / Panama
CLASS: ICS (Intramaritime Certification Service)
Built: Jan 2015 at Zhejiang Jinchuan Shipyard, China
Type:  Gearless Celluar Container Ship
Call Sign:
IMO Number:
Dimension and main data:
LOA/LBP/BM/DEPTH: 158.6m / 149.5m / 22.6m / 11.3m
GRT/NRT: 11,891 / 6,658
DWT/DRAFT: abt 18,073 mts on abt 8.10m scantling
Container capacity:  TEU:  /  FEU+TEU:
IN HOLDS:        454 / 214+26
ON HATCH:         664 / 297+70
TOTAL:        1,118   /   511+96
HQ Capacity: One Tier HQ in holds without lose space
DANGEROUS CARGO: Dangerous cargo to be carried always in accordance
with the Document of Compliance for the
Carriage of Dangerous Goods.
REEFER CONTAINER: 70 socket plugs on deck, 32 AMP, 440 V, 3 PH
Intakes and permissible stackweights always subject to vessel’s
stability, trim, permissible weights, permissible
lashing gear break loads, container lashing plan and visibility regulations.
Vessel is fitted with cellguides in holds (2×20 ft units could be
stowed into each 40 ft)
Vessel to be equipped with all loose lashing materials and fittings
for a maximum load of 20′ and 40′ containers in compliance with
regulations and requirements at any port within agreed trading limits.
Cargo Hold / Hatch: 5 holds / 17 hatches
Hatch covers: All holds covered by pontoon hatch covers,non-sequential.
Maximum stackweight in cargo hold:
20’/90mt per stack
40’/120mt per stack
Stackweights on deck :
                      20′                            /         40′
Bay 01-09 : 13.5 mt per stack    /  Bay 04-08: 37 mt per stack
Bay 11-21 :18 mt per stack         / Bay 12-32: 40 mt per stack
Bay 23-33 :18.5 mt per stack
Bay 35  : 23.0 mt per stack
Tank capacity: (incl. day and settlingtanks)
Fuel LSFO: abt 348 cbm
Diesel oil:  abt   116 cbm
Freshwater: abt 187  cbm
Waterballast: abt 7,258 cbm
Main Engine:
1 x 4-stroke Diesel Engine  GDF 8G32A
MCR 3,906 KW @ 600 rpm
3 xWeichai N6170 – 330kW
1 x Shaft Generator: 300 kw
1 x Berthing Generator: 150 kw
1 x EMR Generator: 120 kw
Speed: about 12.0 kn
(80% mcr, 15% sea margin, scantling draft with even keel/clean bottom,
under smooth sea/weather conditions not
exceeding Bft. 2, Douglas Seastate 2 and no negative influence by
currents and/or tidal streams)
m/e consumption: about 16.5 mt
aux. consumption at sea : about 1.1 mt MDO  (no reefer and shaft
generator disconnected)
Alternative speed & m/e consumption figures p.d. @ scantling draft
8.1m and above sea/weather/ship/above ISO
abt. 11.0 knt / abt. 14 mt
abt. 10.0 knt / abt. 12 mt
ada wog
Plus what is needed for the auxiliaries depending on the actual
required output at sea/in port plus boiler.
Vessel is at liberty to consume mgo in narrow waterways, in and out of
ports, canals, rivers, when maneuvering or when turning on/off
generators, when berthing and unberthing.
Fuel specification:
Charterers shall supply and pay for fuel and Diesel oil/Gas oil of the
specifications and Grades of RMG 380 and MGO Class DMA, which always
are to be of stable and homogenous nature and which, unless otherwise
agreed, to comply with ISO standard 8217:2010 or any subsequent
amendment thereof. Emergency generators burns marine distillate fuel,
category ISO-F-DMA as per ISO standard 8217:2010. All fuels to be free
from chemical and/or industrial waste of any kind.
All details to be considered as about, given in good faith only
without guarantee.