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small modular Jack-Up Barge – 2014

FOR SALE small modular Jack-Up Barge 

General Year Built – 2014

Breath – 10m

Length – 12m

Height – 2m

Area—120m2 Load capacity — 50 ton.

Legs – 600mm diameter, with 24m or 33m length configuration Spud cans for soft soil seabed

Draft – 1,5m

Warehouse cargo hold Office and Workshop WC Power generator with 30 or 80 kva.

Two moon pools holes, with 300mm diameter Hydraulic jacking system Safety, lighting, communications according with Solas Winch and anchor

Geotechnical equipment

Geotechnical drill rig capable of: Coring in rock Wire line systems Undisturbed sampling Continuous drilling on soils S

PT CPTu Seismic

CPTu Vane test

Menard pressure meter.

– Modular jack-up barge for easy transportation by road or vessel almost any where.

It’s easy to assemble even in remote areas or small ports and it’s specially equipped for near shore surveys.

Can operate in difficult conditions, with strong currents, waves, soft and muddy seabed.

Current the jack-up is dismantled in a shipyard S.E. Africa.

The platform is suitable for open or sheltered water work with high currents and waves.

Further details for named and serious Buyers.