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Stainless Steel Double Hull Motor Tanker 1245 Ton – Low Price

Stainless Steel Double Hull Motor Tanker 1245 Ton – Low Price – for sale


Built In: 1955 / 1978 ( converted to a chemical tanker) , Germany / The Netherlands
Class: DNV-GL, Valid Until March 2026 – Non ADN
Certificate of Approval: Valid Until June 2027
Measurement Certificate: Valid Until March 27, 2025
Certificate of Survey: Valid Until June 2027
Length (m): 84.87 | Width (m): 9.52 | Draft (m): 2.65
Tonnage: 1245.580 Tons, at 2.65 meters
Hull: Double Hull / Double Bottom – Separate Tanks
Cargo Tank(s): 3x Stainless Steel Center Tanks
Main Engine(s): 2x Deutz SBA 8 M 816 R – 4 stroke 8 cylinder- 613 Hp Each – Total 1226 Hp
Propellers: 2x Solid propeller – aft at 366 rpm
Bow Thruster: DAF 350 Hp
Generators: 3x
Cargo Pumps: Deepwell 3x Total 500 cbm/hr
Spirals: Stainless Steel Coils in Tanks with Stainless Steel Inlet/Outlet Pipe
Sloping Tanks: 2x Pieces, Between Tank 1 and 2, Made of Stainless Steel
Sailing Speed on Still Water: Approximately 20 km/h Loaded
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Price: Euro 475,000,- Only       
Delivery: Directly Available
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Single Hull Motor Tanker – 1958 Germany

Single Hull Motor Tanker for sale

General Info
– Condition: Used
– Category: Motor Tanker
– Year of construction: 1958, Germany
– Reference Nr: XH-SH1118

– Length: 85.00 m
– Beam: 8.20 m
– Draft: 2.73 m


Year of construction: 1958, Germany
Dimensions: 85,00 x 8,20 m x 2,73 m
Class: GL Type N closed, valid until 2025-06.
Cargo tanks: 12,
Tank capacity: 1700 m3.
Tonnage: 1333 t at a 2.73 m draft
Main Engine: Deutz – 870 hp. – type SBA12M816W (installed in 2012), (Overhauled in 2022)
Bow thruster: DAF, 350 Hp
Generators: total 4x 40/50/24/60 Kva
Car Crane: Yes
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Price: Euro 265.000,-
Prices fluctuate due to market circumstances. Contact us for the latest price updates.


Inland Motor Tanker 2557 ton – 1993 Romania/Netherlands

For Sale – Inland Motor Tanker 2557 ton

Reference nr. XH-SH1117

Type: Inland, Motor Tanker, liquid cargo, type C
Year of construction: 1993, Romania, rebuilt to double hull: 2008, The Netherlands
Classification: Lloyd’s Register Type-N (valid until 31-03-2029)
Dimensions: Length: 110.00 m, Width: 10.50 m, Draft: 3.35 m
Cargo Capacity: 2557.139 tons at 3.35 m draft
Hull: Double hull / Double bottom
Main Engine: Caterpillar Type: 3516 DI-TA, Power: 1.834 HP
Cargo Pump: Deepwell, 750 cbm/hr
Generators: 3x
Bowthruster: DAF 380 HP
Crew: 6 members
Navigation: Complete
Condition: Vessel is in trading condition
CIF: Rotterdam (NL)
Price: on request

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Double-Hulled Motor Tanker-2008 Poland

Double-Hulled Motor Tanker for sale

General Info
– Condition: Used
– Category: Tanker
– Tonnage: 2.002 (t)
– Year of construction: 2008, Poland
– Reference Nr: XH-SH1074

– Length: 99,80 m 
– Width: 9,50 m
– Draft: 3,20 m

Price: Euro 2.950.000,-
Prices fluctuate due to market circumstances. Contact us for the latest price updates.
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Additional information:
Year of construction: 2008, Poland
Dimmensions: L.99,80 m x  B. 09,50 m x 3,20 m draft
Class: GL valid until 03-2025
Hull: Double hull / Double bottom
Carrying capacity: 2002,994 tons at 3,20 m draft
Cargo pumps: 2x Deepwell 300 cbm/hr each
Main engine: Cummins, Type: KTA50-M2 , 1725 Hp
Bowthruster: Cummins, Verhaar Omega Jet, 535 Hp
Generators: 3 sets, 2x 47 KvA  John Deere, 1x 21 KvA Scania
bunkerboom: Yes
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