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500men Accommodation & work  Semi-sub platform

develop the sale of one unit of 500men Accommodation & work  Semi-sub platform

The attached 500men Accommodation & work Semi-sub Plaform is a conversion project from previous Sedco 700 Semi-sub drilling platform to Accommodation & Wokr Platform done by CMHI shipyard, China in 2013.

Now the vessel is still hot laidup in shipyard since 2014 and shipyard has kept her renew of full set of classification certificates regularly.

Currently the Seller’s BOD decided to provide big discount and would like to sell her at USD22M ONLY which is more than 70% discount with comparation with their previous contract price USD 80M.!!!

In view of above, please kindly check if any potential owners/buyers can catch the good chance !!! 

Except for purchasing drirectly for current condition, Seller are open mind for discussion if any request for upgrating or conversion proposal for above vessel (Such as windfarm platform etc…)

Details against named buyer

Pls kindly review above and let us know buyer’s interest.