Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger(TSHD)-1979 Japan

we can develop the sale of the following Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger(TSHD)

MV JM6_TSHD for sale

5300cbm Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger  (TSHD) 

(max capacity is 5,700 cbm)
ZC Class: Trading Area: coastal (can be converted to non-IACS

class with ocean going)

Original built in 1979, Japan (Original Ship is container

carrier with NK class),  

Rebuilt 2007, converted to TSHD. 

(All of the dredger system were newly installed in 2007 with

brand new equipment at that time, and with huge cost.

The hull and machinery are still in good working condition). 

LOA:         abt 113m
B :             20.1m
Depth :      7.7m
Draft:         5.7m
Max Dredger Depth:      30m
Fuel tank capacity:        404t
Fresh water capacity:    212t
Hopper Capacity:          5270cbm
Dredger speed:             3.0 knts
M/E:    12PC-2 X 1set, 4411KW, 420RPM
Propeller:    4 BLADES, Diameter:3420mm
Number of dredger:                2sets
High pressure water:              0.82Mpa
Capacity of dredger pump:     6500cb, 550KW


The vessel is under operating at this moment, but we can try to

convince the seller to do her dry dock and make necessary maintenance

before delivery, and also convert her to ASCS class (NON-IACS) before delivery. 

Additional basic cost should be charged for such dry docking in China.

Price guidance: Try USD4.8million, basis delivery in China as is where is.

Further details for named and serious interest.