Vintage 500 ts coaster for sale – 1962 Holland

for sale Vintage 400 t coaster

Due to increasing market and very limited availability of 500 tons vessels we might consider to sell our

Please read full description and comments
535 tdw on draft 2.99 m
Built 1962 Holland
Gt/nt 397/229
Ex BV class, no class now
Dims 48.49/44.00×7.90 x 3.24 m
1 hold, two hatches , wooden covers
27.700 /25.600 cbft
2 masts , 2 winches 2 tons each rigging not fitted
BRONS 220 hp 4 cyl engine, not fitted*
Vessel was previously sandblasted to bare steel
Steel repairs were done partly in hull and decks
Last drydocking was 6 months ago with complete blasting painting and new zincanodes
*Vessels original Brons engine is dismantled, it  can be placed back but needs to be overhauled
Alternatively a 220 hp engine like Scania, Cummins etc can be installed
Navaids to be completed to today’s standard
Class /Trading certs to be passed
Any of the above works are for Buyers account and to be done by Buyers.
Alternatively the vessel can be converted into floating office, live a board, yacht

+The price is euro 170.000 as is / where is Rotterdam+