well maintained Tuna Reefer-1990 Spain

We can secure for sale the following well maintained Tuna Reefer Vsl

Izar Argia
214.800 cuft + 5.100 cuft in reefer lockers
5000 sdwt at 6,70 m drft
Built 06/1990 Astilleros Murueta, Spain
Class BV I +HULL +MACH, Refrigerated cargo ship, unrestricted navigation
GT 4263 / NT 1418
Dims 108,00 x 16,30 x 9,70 m LxBxH
M/E Wartsila 9R32E 4950 bhp at 720 rpm
14 knots
Shaft gen 850 kW
Bow thruster 500 kW
4 Ho/Ha
New authorized refrigerant freon 438 A
8 temperature zones
Range of temperatures: -25º / +13º
Deck heights 2,20 m
Cranes 4 x 5 mt SWL, Hydralift, Norway
Bunker cap 875 m3

– Vessel was built for for present Owners and is employed in their Frozen Tuna Trade
– Inspection by arrangement through this office
– Holding full dets here for yr perusal

– No price ideas given, best offers invited